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山姆和小狗幸运 Part 9


展示 zhǎn shì show, display
课堂展示 kè táng zhǎn shì classroom presentation
秘密 mì mì secret
qiú to beg
shōu put away
迟到 chí dào arrive late
家人 jiā rén family
墨西哥 mò xī gē Mexico
照片 zhào piàn picture
年纪 nián jì age
出生 chū shēng be born
故事 gù shì story
bàng wonderful
他会迟到一会儿。 tā huì chí dào yī huì’r. He'll be late for a while.
我和家人上个月去了墨西哥。 wǒ hé jiā rén shàng gè yuè qù le mò xī gē . I and my family went to Mexico last month.
照片里和你一起的人是谁? zhào piàn lǐ hé nǐ yī qǐ de rén shì shuí ? Who is the person together with you in the picture?
我是在那儿出生的。 wǒ shì zài nà ér chū shēng de. I was born there.
你的故事很棒! nǐ de gù shì hěn bàng ! Your story is awesome!
课堂 kè táng classroom
Created by: AustinCheng



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