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Psych 1100E

Lecture 28 (pg. 478-484, 487-489)

Adolescence The period of development and gradual transition between childhood and adulthood.
Puberty A period of rapid physical maturation in which the person becomes capable of sexual reproduction.
What is the difference between adolescence and puberty? Adolescence is a broad social construction of a more western cultural invention, whereas puberty is a worldwide biologically defined period.
Primary sex characteristics Sex organs involved in reproduction.
Secondary sex characteristics Non-reproductive physical features, such as facial hair or breasts.
Neural restructuring in the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system in the adolescent brain affect what? Coordinate behaviours that satisfy motivational goals, emotional urges and bheavioural control.
Does brain growth slow or increase from childhood to adolescence? Slows
Is early maturation a more positive experience for girls or boys? Boys
Adolescent egocentrism A self-absorbed and distorted view of one's uniqueness and importance.
According to Elkind, what are the two min parts of adolescent egocentrism? 1. Personal fable 2. Imaginary audience
Personal fable Adolescents that overestimate the uniqueness of their feelings and experiences.
Imaginary audience Adolescents feels that they are always "on stage" and that "everybody's going to notice" how they look and what they do. Sensitivity to evaluation.
According to Piaget's view, what stage of cognitive development are adolescents at? Formal operational thinking
According to Marcia (but based off of Erikson) what are the four classifications of "identity status"? 1. Identity diffusion 2. Foreclosure 3. Moratorium 4. Identity achievement
According to Marica's study, what is "identity diffusion"? These teens and adults had not yet gone through an identity crisis. They seemed unconcerned or even cynical about identity issues and were not committed to a coherent set of values.
According to Marcia's study, what is "foreclosure"? Individuals not yet gone through identity crisis. They committed to an identity and set of values (adopting peer-group or parental values) before experiencing an identity crisis.
According to Marcia's study, what is "moratorium"? These people wanted to establish a clear identity and were currently experiencing an identity crisis but had not yet resolved it.
According to Marcia's study, what is "identity achievement"? These individuals had gone through an identity crisis, successfully resolved it, and emerged with a coherent set of values.
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