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Where does all energy originate (come) from? The Sun
The energy of a substance due to the motion/vibration of its atoms is called_________________. thermal energy
The energy carried by waves in the electromagnetic spectrum is called _________________. radiant energy
If you raise an object above the ground, you give it_______________. gravitational potential energy
If the particle motion ________________, temperature _______________. increases, increases
If you have two samples of water and each has a mass of 1 kg. Sample A has a temperature of 90* C and Sample B has a temperature of 70*C, which statement is correct? The Kinetic Energy and thermal energy of Sample A is greater than Sample B.
What is the difference between temperature and heat? Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules of a substance. Heat is the energy that is transferred from one substance to another. Objects cannot possess heat but they do possess kinetic energy.
Compare the three methods of heat transfer -- conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is the transfer of heat through physical contact. Convection is the transfer of the heat by circulation of a heated fluid (liquid or gas). Radiation is the transfer of heat by electromagnetic radiation.
What is temperature? The measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules of a substance.
What unit is thermal energy measured in? Joules
What is heat? The transfer of thermal energy from a hot object to a less hot (colder) object.
What is the original source of all energy on Earth? The Sun
______________ is the transfer of thermal energy in solids through direct contact from higher to lower temperature objects. Conduction
In a furnace-heated home, why does the colder air fall back down to the furnace? As the furnace heats the air, it rises. Colder air is denser and so it falls down towards to furnace to take its place.
Why do houses sometimes become colder in the attic than the basement if heat is less dense and rises? The transfer of heat cannot circulate or convection.
A pot sitting on a hot burner. (conduction, convection, and radiation) Conduction
Heating a house with a furnace. Convection
The Sun heating the Earth. Radiation
Getting a tan on a beach. Radiation
Touching hot pavement in the summer. Conduction
Cooking a roasting the oven. Choose the best answer. Convection
Macaroni rising and falling the in a pot of boiling water. Convection
Using a hearing blanket to get warm. Conduction
Getting warm by sitting in from of a fire. Radiation
Warming air rising. Convection
Anything with molecules has __________________. heat
What is the difference between hot and cold things in regards to the motion of their molecules? The molecules in warm things are moving aster than the molecules in cold things.
Explain why the ice sculpture has more heat energy than the burning match. There are a lot more molecules in the ice sculpture. More molecules, more heat energy.
What kind of heat transfer occurred when Bill felt from the burning match? Radiation
How does convection create wind? Hot air rises creating low-pressure areas and cold air sinks, creating high-pressure areas (convection
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