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psych U8M43

stress and health

stress psychological tension or strain that causes the person to feel challenged or endangered
stressors an event that causes stress.
transient stress momentary/temporary stress (test, performance)
chronic stress continuous, long-term stress (job, uncureable disease)
3 general sources of stress? catastrophes, significant life changes, dailylife hassles
fight or flight repsonse in an event with high stress, the decision to deal with the problem or escape
GAS (General Adaption Syndrome) selye's concept of the body's automatic and adaptive response to stress in 3 stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion
alarm sympathetic NS activated--energized for action, hormones released
resistance parasympathetic NS rebounds to reduce arousal state (to bring back to homeostasis). continued stress leads to exhaustion
exhaustion the body's resources are depeleted; you are more vulnerable to mental illnesses; immunesystem is weakened
Approach-approach conflict 2 decisions where each has positive aspects
Approach-avoidance conflict want to do but fear at the same time
Avoidance-avoidance conflict 2 decisions where each has negative aspects
Multiple Approach-approach conflict each decision has positive and negative aspects
Created by: allyson.lee