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img crit density

immage critique - density

Film density the degree of overall blackening from the black metallic silver deposited in the emulsion
Window level digital processing that produces changes in density/brightness
In CR and DR “density” refers to: image density or brightness
What is the controlling factor of density for screen film? mAs
What is the controlling factor of density in digital? window level
What does mAs control in digital? it assures proper exposure of the IR
What change in mAs is necessary to produce a visible change in density on screen film? 30%
How should changes in mAs be determined? mAs should always be doubled of halved
FSS can affect density how on an improperly calibrated machine? 30% increase
Anode heel effect is what? 45% greater density on the cathode side of the tube
How are filtration and density related? inversely
Increased tissue thickness affects density how? increased scatter increases overall density
Increase in atomic number (Z ) affects density how?
Distance and intensity are related how? ½ distance = ¼ intensity
“density maintenance formula”? direct square law
Beam restriction and density are related how? inversely
How are scatter and density related? increased scatter increases overall film density, any factor increasing scatter increases density.
Additive pathology and density additive pathologies are radiopaque, decreasing overall film density.
Destructive pathology and density destructive pathologies are radiolucent , increasing overall film density
Created by: annaluz87