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Jefferson Test

This is the Jefferson Test on Tuesday.

What happened during the Election of 1800? Jefferson and Burr had 73 electoral votes, but Hamilton convinced more federalist to vote Jefferson.
What are midnight appointments? An appointment to a political office made during the last hours of the term of office.
What is Judicial Review? A review by the U.S. Supreme court of the constitutional validity of a legislative act. Established in a Supreme Court case. (Marybury v Madison)
What happened at the Lewis and Clark Expedition? They acquired scientific and geographical knowledge and information about Native American life while trying to find the Northwest Passage and a direct water route to the Pacific Ocean.
What did Jefferson have to face with when acquiring the Louisiana Territory? He was just really unsure about the situation, and was thinking if he had power to buy land from Napoleon for $15 Mil, but if offered to expand westward, and the land of self-sufficient farmers.
What impact did Sacajawea have on the Lewis and Clark Expedition? She had a great impact because she knew her way around the block, and was good with translating and guiding the expedition, and making fellow native friends along the way.
What happened in the Election of 1804 that changed for the better than the Election of 1800? What happened was that whoever got more electoral votes would become President while the one with the 2nd most votes would become Vice President.
What happened between the duel with Burr and Hamilton? With Burr salty with the outcome of the election of Jefferson, he knew what Hamilton did with the federalist helped voting for him, he challenged him to a duel, then later died.
What was the purpose of the Zebulon Pike's Expedition? to explore the southern region of the Louisiana Territory and locate water sources of Arkansas and Red Rivers.
What important thing happened in the Embargo Act of 1807 Jefferson remained neutral and asked Brits for an apology, but they refused.
Created by: Jonathan_Castro
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