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6th grade - Mexico

Chapter 7

The Spanish set up many ___________ to spread the Roman Catholic religion throughout Mexico. missions
After the Mexican Revolution, large farms called _________ were broken up by the new government and land was returned to peasant villages. haciendas
One economic problem that Mexico faces today is ________ which results in an increase in prices because the value of their currency is decreasing. inflation
Many people in Southern Mexico practice either subsistence farming or __________. slash-and-burn agriculture
In order to increase profits, US companies will build__________ in Mexico just south of the US border to manufacture their goods. maquiladoras
__________ is a big problem in Mexico City because the large population burns a lot of fossil fuels which mix with fog in the atmosphere over the city. smog
______________ is the capital of Mexico and one of the largest cities in the world. Mexico City
The ___________ is a large body of water that borders most of the eastern side of Mexico. Gulf of Mexico
Many __________, like fruits and vegetables, can be grown in Mexico all year and are exported to the United States. cash crops
The __________ is one of Mexico’s major rivers and forms part of the border between Mexico and the US. Rio Bravo (Rio Grande)
Two of Mexico’s main __________ are Baja California and the Yucatan. peninsulas
Mexico’s 3 large mountain ranges are called the _________. Sierra Madre
The Aztecs acquired many lands and ruled over many people in their large __________. empire
The children of European and Native American parents would be considered __________. mestizos
Which type of landform covers most of the middle of Mexico? plateau
The climate of Mexico is generally _______ than that of the US because it is closer to the ______. warmer; Equator
Mexico is the world’s leading producer of which mineral? silver
What are the reasons that it was easy for Cortes and the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs? guns, diseases, and horses
Shortly after Mexico got its independence from Spain, __________ broke away which started a war with _________. Texas; the USA
How does Mexico’s modern culture show the influence of Spain’s colonial rule? they speak Spanish and are Catholic
Why is smog worse in Mexico City than in might be in another location? it is in a valley
How do US companies profit from building factories in Mexico instead of the US? wages are lower in Mexico
How has NAFTA affected Mexico’s economy since it was signed in 1994? it's better because there are no tariffs when they trade with the US and Mexico
How many cultural regions is Mexico divided into? 4
What type of government does Mexico have? democracy
Mexico is considered which type of country due to the fact that it’s economy is still growing and citizens have limited access to jobs, education, technology and health care than in countries like the USA? developing country
Created by: mrsdyer316