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Physical Science EOC

NJH PS EOC Study Guide

Unit of Mass Gram
Unit of Volume Liter
Unit of Length Meter
Order from largest to smallest: Meter, Millimeter, Centimeter, Kilometer 1. Kilometer 2. Meter 3. Centimeter 4. Millimeter
What unit would you use to measure the distance from Boise to Portland? Kilometer
What unit would you use to measure the length of the classroom? Meters
What unit would you use to measure the diameter of your pencil lead? Milimeters
What unit would you use to measure the mass of a paperclip? A Gram
Hypothesis Educated Guess, should be testable
Variable Item I am testing for
Procedure Something I should read before I test stuff
Data Results, Fact and Figures
Obervations Using my 5 senses to gather information
What is the volume of a square 6 cm tall, the base is 7 cm long, and the width is 2 cm. 84cm squared (3)
If a block falls into a glass of water filled to 17 L and the water rises to 34 L then what is the volume of the block 17mL
Solid: Shape (definite or not?), Volume (definite or not?), and Density (High, Medium, or Low?) ? Definite, Definite, High
Liquid: Shape (definite or not?), Volume (definite or not?), and Density (High, Medium, or Low?) ? No, Yes, Medium
Gas: Shape (definite or not?), Volume (definite or not?), and Density (High, Medium, or Low?) ? No, No, Low
What is the Formula for Average Speed? Total Distance over Total Time
If a plane travels 300 km in 5 hours, what is the average speed? 60 km/hrs
Acceleration is a change in _____________ or______________. Speed, Direction
If a bicycleist is traveling at a constant speed, but makes a turn to the west, has acceleration taken place? Yes
Formula for Acceleration Velocity (final) minus (-) velocity (initial) divided by Time
If a car is stopped, then accelerates to 60 miles/ hour in 3 seconds, what is the acceleration? 20 mph/sec
What happens on a graph when there is a straight line? The person is traveling at a constant Velocity.
The Next Questions Are True and/or False Ya........ They are... and you should explain your reasoning....
Your Weight would be the same on the Earth as on the Moon. FALSE: There is less Gravity on the moon
A person would weigh the same on Bogus Basin as they would at sea level. FALSE: You are farther away from the core of the earth
All objects have gravity TRUE: Just because...
Gravitational pull is affected by how close are to each other. TRUE
The mass of an object is the same on Earth as on the Moon. TRUE
Your Weight is due to the force of gravity pulling on your mass. TRUE
Why is the Gravitational force of the moon so much different then the Earth's? The Moon has less mass then the Earth
A Bowling ball and a feather are dropped off the top of North at the same time. Which will hit the ground first? Explain Bowling Ball The feather has more air resistance and less mass the Bowling ball.
How about with no air resistance? They would hit the ground at the same time
The Force of Gravity is affected by____________and____________. Mass and Distance
Force is either a ___________________or a__________________. Push and Pull
I am driving a car down the street. What forces are acting on the car? Friction, Gravity, forward momentum, and the road pushing back on the car.
What can you say about these forces? (are they Balanced?) The force of acceleration is greater than friction.
If a car is moving to the right and you add more force to the right, what will happen? The car will speed up
A force opposing all motion and causes things to stop is _______ Friction
If a ball is rolling at a constant speed, what forces are acting on it? (With Friction) Gravity, the ground pushing back on the ball, acceleration, and friction.
What if there was no friction? It wouldn't stop moving.
If a ball is stopped we can get it moving by using a_________force. balanced.
Newtons 1st Law An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
Newtons 2nd Law The acceleration of an object is dependent upon two variables - the net force acting upon the object and the mass of the object.
Newtons 3rd Law For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Which of Newtons laws is illustrated by the following: It will either say 1,2, or 3
It takes 10 N to move a 2 Kg object at an acceleration of 5 meters/sec/sec 2
My car is out of gas, why is it so hard to get it moving? 1
If I increase the mass of a car the acceleration will go down 2
As a bird pushes down with its wings the air pushes its wings back up 3
When my bike hits a rock and stops, why do i fly forward? 2
A rocket blows gas out it's rear, and the rocket moves forward. 1
What is the formula for force? F=m x a
If a block is on a table and gravity is pulling it down, how come the brick doesn't go straight through? Pushing back against the brick.
Motion happens as a result of what? An Unbalanced force.
Can a Bicycle move speed on flat ground without any force? NO
What is the formula of Work? Work= Force x Distance
What is the formula for Power? Power= Work over Time
According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, Energy can not be ______________or _______________. Created or Distroyed
Define KE and give an example Energy associated with moment Falling rock
Define PE and give an example Stored Energy Rock sitting on top of a hill
Why does a softball roll to a stop? Friction
What type of Energy does friction turn into? Heat/ Ediss
Identify: KE or PE the next 6 questions
Gas in a race car. KE
A Baseball flying over the field KE
A hammer sitting on a ladder PE
A ballet dancer doing a spin KE
Water stored behind a dam PE
A glass of milk PE
On a roller coaster, what position has the greatest PE The start, before lift off
Greatest KE Moving fast down then back up
Least PE At any dip
Are the next questions violations of the conservation of energy? next 4 Qs
A roller coaster moves faster at the bottom of a hill yes
a baby ounces higher than you drop it from yes
a bicycle slows down on a flat road when you quit peddling no
Which are examples of Conduction. Convection, and Radiation. dsaFSSDF
Boiling water Convection
Sunlight heating the street Radiation
Touching a hot fork Conduction
A heat lamp Radiation
Leaning up against a hot stove conduction
Hot air rising Convection
Will Energy/heat flow from hot-cold or cold-hot hot-cold
Does ice to cool water or does water heat ice? water heats ice
Doppler Effect: A change in the sound wavelength and pitch due to an object in motion
Identify the following as LONG or TRAN waves kjhg
Sound LONG
Light TRAN
Matter Vibrates LONG
needs Particles to transfer LONG
looks like a straight line LONG
looks like a wavy line TRAN
what does a sound wave look like? dense dots then spread out dots then dense dots.
The Medium moves in what direction relative to sound waves(LONG) Parallel
What 2 factors affect the speed of sound? _________________________and______________________ Heat and Density
Would sound waves travel faster in cold objects or warm objects? ___________________ Cold solid
Sonar Instrument submarines are to detect reflection sound wave (blip, blip, blip)
The approximate speed of light through outer space is: 300,000 m/sec
The speed of light changes depending upon The medium it travels through
Fill in the blanks to list the order in which light will travel the fastest in these mediums (fastest)____________,____________,____________,______________(slowest) Vacuum, air, water, stone
When light travels from air to water it will ___________ and bend. Slowdown
What is at the far left of the Electromagnetic Spectrum? Gamma rays
Far Right? Am Radio waves
What is ROYGBIV Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
What is the shape of the wave associated with the Electromagnetic wave. Curves close to each other then the wavelength gets larger and larger.
What happens as you go from left to right on the electromagnetic spectrum (Increase and decrease) keep going
Wavelength increase
Energy decrease
Frequency decrease
Which electromagnetic waves have the lowest energy___________ AM Radio
Which electromagnetic wave is perceived as heat ___________ Infared
Which color has the highest frequency ________ Purple/Violet
Which color has the longest wavelength _____________ Red
Which color has the highest energy ____________ Purple/Violet
What 2 changes would you make to increase the amount of energy of a wave Increasing Frequency and Decreasing/shortened wavelength
Proton Positively charged
Electron Negatively charged
Neutrons neutral
If the atom was neutral it would ahve the same number of __________and__________ Protons and Electrons
Like charges Repel
Opposite charges Attract
The movement of what atomic particle produces electrical current? Electrons
Things that conduct electricity are called _________ Conductors
Things that do not conduct electricity is called ____________ Insulators
If an object gains electrons, does it become + or -? Negative
If an object loses electrons what does it become? Positive
If Resistance increases the Current ______ decreases
If Voltage decreases the Current ________ Decreases
Resistance decreases, Voltage increases, Current _________ Increases
If you have 2 light bulbs the resistance ___________ and the current ____________ Increases, Decreases
Batteries Create Voltage to "Push" electrons
Created by: Julia_Disney