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PowerPoint Chapter 3

To Accompany Chapter 3 Presentation

What file type is used to transfer formatted documents between applications, even if the programs are running on different platforms, such as PC compatible and Macintosh. Rich Text Format
What files use the file extension .docx? Microsoft Word 2007
The interior of a shape, line, or character is called __________. Fill
What allows you to see through the background so that text is visible? Transparency
Repeating the backgroun image many times vertically and horizontally on the slide is called __________ __________. Tiling Options
What fill is one color shade gradually progressing to another shade of the same color or one color progressing to another color? Gradient
One color used through the entire slide is called ____________ fill. Solid
__________ or texture fill uses a specific file or an image that simulates a material, such as cork, granite, marble, or canvas. Picture
To move the background from the slide borders in varying percentage distances you use ___________. Offsets
The __________ slider indicates the amount of opaqueness. Transparency
Adding appealing visual elements to a presentation is by using __________ styles. WordArt
The WordArt __________ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol. Outline
You can add an __________, which helps add emphasis or depth to the characters. Effect
You can change the line ____________ to make it thicker. Weight
Visual representations of your ideas are called __________ __________. SmartArt Graphics
The ___________ __________ consists of two areas: the top portion has the text that will appear in the SmartArt graphic; the bottom portion gives the name of the graphic and suggestions of what type of information is best suited for this type of visual. Text Pane
You can add meaningful text to a shape by inserting a __________ __________. Text Box
The green ___________ handle above the selected object allows you to rotate an object in any direction. Rotation
A __________ __________ is a piece of art that has been created by a drawing program such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. Vector Graphic
Taking a clip art apart is called _____________. Ungrouping
When you take a clip art picture in PowerPoint, it becomes a ___________ ___________. Drawing Object
Vector graphics are also known as __________ ___________. Object-oriented Pictures
A ____________ __________ is a major format to store objects. These are pieces are composed of a series of small dots. Bitmap Graphic
A __________, short for picture element, is one dot in a grid. Pixel
When you pass work such as art, pictures, or photographs through a scanner, it is said that you are _________. Digitizing
A ___________ _________ is the conversion of input, such as the lines in a drawing, into a series of discrete units represented by the binary digits 0 and 1. Digitized Signal
Bitmap graphics are also called ___________ ___________. Raster Images
Pictures in the Microsoft Clip Organizer that have the file extensions of .jpg, .bmp, .gif, and .png are examples of ___________ ___________ __________. Bitmap object groups
What does .jpg stand for? Joint Photographic Experts Group
What does .bmp stand for? Windows Bitmap
What does .gif stand for? Graphics Interchange Format
What does .png stand for? Portable Network Graphics
The ___________ __________ __________ in the Insert Object dialog box identifies the types of objects you can combine with a clip art picture. Object Type List
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