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Drama North

Drama Sharyland Nort

drama a piece of literature written to be performed
play a type of drama for the stage
playwrite a person that writes plays
director uses the script with the actors to make the play come alive
screenplays a play written to be filmed
Greek Tragedy a hero (godlike) and a struggle that causes them to fall
comedy humor
straight drama a play with both minor humor and tragedy
plot a dram a that has a central conflict that develops and resolves
characters people/animals ect... involved in a play
protagonist most important character in a play
antagonist a character that is involved in conflict against the main character
cast all of the characters in a play
dialogue the conversation between characters
monologue when one character speaks alone to the audience
script the dramas actual text
stage directions the lines that explain what characters will do during a play
acts large pieces of a play
scene small pieces of a play that have different settings
set the scenery in a play
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