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Intro to Geo 1.0

Some Important people and a few extra terms

Lewis And Clark Jefferson sent to see if there was this Northwest passage way that connected the Atlantic. documented the Geo of the Western US
Robert Peary Most likely discovered North Pole
Eratosthenes Father of Geo Created the word
Marco Polo Went to China, wrote memoir in Italy Intro to Eastern Hemisphere
Alexander Von Humboldt German, Traveled Latin America, Europe and Russia. Conducted experiments. One of the founders of modern Geo
Leif Ericson 1st European to set foot in North America Landed outside of Canada
Ponce De Leon Traveled to Florida looking for fountain of youth. From Spain
Vasco Balboa Spanish explorer, crossed passage way of panama and in doing so became the 1st European to see pacific ocean from new world.
Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese explore, obtain Spanish nationality to serve the crown, 1st person to attempt to circumnavigate the globe.
Christopher Columbus Italian, His discovery encourages further exploration, discovered Bahamas and Hispaniola.
Roald Amundsen 1st person to reach the south pole
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin 1st Astronauts to land and explore the moon
Jacques Cousteau French Marine Biologist, explored the seas and all forms of sea life (ship calypso)
Created by: oxeriika