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Verbal Communication

Proper English vs Slang

shiny or sparkly bling
friendship between males bromance
bad or ugly buttery
clean alright
an older woman dating a younger man cougar
telephone number digits
maul to hug and kiss
girlfriend shorty
good shoes scooby doos
to embarrass punk
Let’s stop working. Let’s call it a day.
She is so overly emotional. She is a drama queen.
Bob just accepts thing as they are. Bob goes with the flow
He bothers me. He rubs me the wrong way.
That test was very easy. That test was a piece of cake.
I could hardly keep from laughing. I could hardly keep a straight face.
Seeing guys spit on the sidewalk DISGUST me. skeeves
To remove a 'friendship' from facebook due to having either accidentily adding him/her as a friend deface
An imaginary girlfreind whom one would brag about to his friends and use a picture of "said girl" Google Girlfriend
The pimp-meister, the king of the streetwalkers, possessor of the blingest of bling-bling. Mac Daddy
When a guy or girl are sprung on someone or something. simpin
A complaint beef
A young woman indulged by rich and powerful older men bimbo
bread money
cash in to die
flatfoot police officer
old person geezer
ice diamond
knock up To make pregnant
Used as a greeting or to attract someone's attention. yo
An act of prostitution trick
dope nice
Created by: Anthony.davis