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are ions stable? no ions are not stable
what does phoresis mean? through the skin
what is iontophoresis? taking ions and putting them into the body through thee skin
is iontophoresis non invasive or invasive? it is noninvasive. it is applied topically
what type of current is iontophoresis? it is a direct current
why does it matter where you place the electrode for iontophoresis? because it is a direct current the flow of electrons depends on where you palce the electrodes
are ions + or -? ions can be ether + or -
opposites________ & likes _________. opposites attract and likes repel
what is used to treat inflammation? dexamethozone sodium phosphate.
is dexamethosone sodium phosphate - or +? it is negative
what is dexamethosone sodium phosphate used to treat clinically? bursitis, tendonitis, and other muscle inflammation
what type of electrode configuration set up is iontophoresis? it is a monoploar setup. it uses one channel and 2 electrodes 1 is active and the other is not
how many mA does iontophoresis use? any where fro 1 -4 mA
what is the treatment time for iontophoresis? any where from 10 - 40 minutes long depending on what the patient can handle the mA being turned up to. 4 mA=10 min 3mA=13 min 2mA=20 min 1mA=40 min
what is the strength of field? how many mA you can tolerate to push the ions into the body
what is resistance? hair fat oils dirt
the quanity of ions across the body is..... directly proportioned to the current density
if the current density is highy (small electrode) then what will the quantity of ions going into the body be? it will be high as well
to increase the current density you decrease the size of the electrode
to decrease the current density you increase the size of the electrode
which electrode is larger? the dispersive because it is sending the current back to the machine
which electrode is smaller? the charge electrode because it is sending the current into thebody
as the treatment duration increases the skins resistance.... decrases because of permeability
as treatment duration increases there is an increased risk for.... burns because of the decrase in resistance of the skin
for iontophoresis is it better to use less mA and greater time or less time with greater mA? better to use greater mA with less time to decrease the burn risk
what are the indications for iontophoresis? pain, inflammation,lfungus,gout ect..
what are the contraindications for iontophoresis? decreased sensation, pregnancy, cancer, pacemaker, over metal, alergic to medication (ion)
dexamethosone sodium phosphate negative for inflammation
copper positive for fungus
lidocane positive for pain
Created by: JamieLynn
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