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Stack #26916

interferential e stim

what type of current is interferential? alternating current
how many electrodes do you use for interferential? you always have to use four electrodes
is interferential e stim confortable? yes it is one of the most comfortable
what type of pain would you use interferential e stim for? use more for acute pain
what are the indications for interferential e stim? to decrease acute pain & to increase blood flow to area.
what are the contra indications for interferential e stim? pac maker, cancer, active bleeding, metal, pvd, over eyes
what type of waveform is interferential? it is a biphasic waveform
why do you need 4 electrode for interferential? becuase the waveforms cross and interfere with each other and the middle point is where you feel the effects.
how many hz is the current usually for IF? around 4,000 for each but you only feel the beat frequency of the two currents
what is the beat frequency? the differences in the 2 frequencies.
is IF more or less effctive as the TENS unit? IF is 10x's as effective as the TENS unit is.
why does IF work? because of the gate theory
what is bad about IF? it is not functional. the pt has to rest while using it. it is a large machine. the pt can not take the machine home
what type of electrodes do you use with IF? self adhesive, metal plate, carbon impregnated.
what type of electrode will be most common for IF? the carbon impregnanted are the most common with the gel
how do you use the metal plate electrodes? wet the sponge down. place a wet papertowel over the sponge only
why don't you use self adhesive alot for IF? becaus they are expensive. About 4.50 a pack plus they are small which increases the current density of the area.
if some one broke into your clinic and stole all of your electodes what do you do? get aluminun foil, fold it into a square, paper towel on top, use allegator clips on the metal
what is the treatment time for IF? 15 minutes
the IF machine is also a.... vaccum, you can use a suction electrode, which can be great for a persons shoulders
what is the disadvantage of using the suction electrodes? the person gets a hickey type mark on the body part
Created by: JamieLynn