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Stack #26915

ultrasound & e stim combo

What re the indications for ultra sound? to increase blood flow, decrease pain, decrease edema, decrease inflammation, decrease spasms
explain the mhz for ultrasound 3= more superficial areas, 1= deeper areas
explain the wcm2 1.2wcm2-2wcm2 depending on the treatment time
treatment time for just US 8-10 min
what type of soundwave formations are there for ultrasound? continous or pulsed
what are the contra indications for ultrasound? canceer, uterus, active bleeding,metal,eyes, heart,spinal cord.
what are the indications for e stim? pain, edema, inflammation, contractures, denervated muscle, spasms
what are the contra indications for e stim? pregnancy, metal, pvd, pacemaker, cancer, absent sensation
what type of currents are there for e stim? DC AC, pusitile current
what is the normal treatment time for e stim? 15 minutes
what type of machine should you use for the US Estim combo? the machine has to have to US and Estim connected into one machine.
which is the sctive electode? the US head turns out to be the active electrode
where is the dispersive electrode? the estim pad is the dispersive and it goes on the nerve root of where the problem is located.
what is inportant to remember when doinf US estim combo? remember not to lift up at all or the patient will get shocked if you lose contact.
whay is the combo bad? because there is not really any good research as to why to do them together, also it presents a billing problem
Created by: JamieLynn