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Cosmetology - Pathway to Success Terminology

Active Listening Process of using verbal & non-verbal signs that show the speaker you are interested in what they are saying
Average Ticket How much your typical guest spends per visit on services and/or products
Body Language Communication cues provided by the movement & position of the body
Booth Rental Business process where a stylist can rent space within an existing salon & run their own business performing cosmetology services (also known as Chair Rental)
Brand 'Mental Imprint' characterized by a symbol or logo that is earned & belongs to a product, service, organization, individual and/or event
Business Plan Report or plan of action that describes the current or projected future of a business
Business Records All records associated with a business that must be organized & maintained to satisfy all federal, state, & local reporting & taxing requirements
Cancellation List List containing the information of Guests who could not be booked an appointment on the time and/or day that they originally requested
Capital The money you will invest to start your business
Close-Ended Question Question that can be answered in a few words & does not require elaboration
Commission Percentage of dollars brought into the salon from guest services & products sold by a particular stylist
Consultation The process of obtaining the information you need from your guest in order to suggest services, products, & solutions to their hair & body needs
Consumption Supplies Supplies used in the daily operation of the salon
Corporation Business comprised of a group of stockholders who have a proprietary interest in the company and its welfare
Ethics The principles that guide your professional behavior
Goal A 'target' that is planned, monitored & reached within a scheduled time frame
Guest Referral The process of gaining a new guest who was referred to you by an existing guest, usually through a word-of-mouth recommentation
Guest Retention When guests continously return for scheduled services, remaining loyal to the salon & you
Guest Service Cycle Guest service blueprint used to ensure a satisfactory guest experience at each stage of the guest visit
Impression Management The attempt to ensure only positive impressions of you are perceived by your guests
Insurance A written agreement that once purchased, guarantees that the business is protected in the events of accident & injury, fire, theft & loss of ability to do business
Job Description Document stating all the responsibilities & tasks for a particular job position
Marketing The use of written, verbal & visual communication designed to attract potential guests to your business
Networking Utilizing social settings as an opportunity to meet new guests
Non-verbal communication Unspoken messages sent through eye contact, facial expressions & body language
Open-Ended Question Question that requires more than a few words to answer & is used in an effort to draw out information
Paraphrasing Using your own words to summarize what you heard the speaker say
Partnership When two or more persons share in the ownership & operations of a business
Personal Hygiene Following a daily routine to maintain your body's cleanliness
Personnel The employees of all positions in a particular business or company
Portfolio A collection of your best work in digital or paper form
Professionalism Behaving in a manner appropriate for your business setting
Rebooking The process of scheduling your current guest's next appointment prior to them leaving your salon
Record Keeping The accounting practice of maintaining & organizing all business records
Resume A communication tool that catalogs & summarizes your education, employment history & professional accomplishments
Retail Supplies Professional products that are sold to guests through your recommendations based on their hair & body needs.
Salon Operation The skills & processes necessary to run a successful salon
Self-Esteem Overall evaluation of self-worth
Sole proprietor A business that is solely owned & managed by one person
Stress Physical & psychological responses to demanding situations
Target-Market Those individuals who are most likely to purchase your services and/or products through direct marketing efforts
Up-Selling Also known as Ticket Upgrading, is the action of selling your guest additional services and/or products based on needs & solutions, also known as 'add-on' services or products
Value-Added Service Giving your guests a higher level of guest service than that offered by your competitors, thereby creating the perception of value to your guests
Verbal Communication Using words or language to communicate
Written Agreement Any formal document that is a signed agreement between two parties & predetermines how certain situations will be handled should they arise
Created by: goofeejules
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