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OB- Part 4

Organizational Behavior Exam Review- Part 4

What is cognitive dissonance? Emotional experience caused by a perception that our beliefs, feelings, and behavior are incongruent
The degree of physiological, psychological, and behavioral deviation from healthy functioning is known as Distress
Which of the four drives is the foundation of competition and the basis for our need for esteem? The drive to acquire
What is the definition of heuristics? Problem solving approaches based on previous experiences versus careful analysis
How do employees usually prefer to learn about their progress toward a goal? Nonsocial feedback sources
What does satisficing refer to? The tendency to choose an alternative that is good enough rather than the best
What are some benefits of job rotation? Minimizes repetitive strain injury, multiskills the workforce, potentially reduces job boredom
What is coercive power? The last type of power to use- Threatens to take something away from an individual
Created by: joebouhadana