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BOLLES Light Test

What tool would allow you to look into a dark closet? flashlight
What tool would let you bounce light around a corner? mirror
Material that would let you see through a window.... waxed paper, plastic wrap, construction paper plastic wrap
Material that would not let you see through a window at all.... waxed paper, plastic wrap, construction paper construction paper
Material that would let you see some light through a window.... waxed paper, plastic wrap, construction paper waxed paper
If Jack's shadow is in front of him, where is the sun? behind him
If Jack's shadow is behind him, where is the sun? in front of him
If light moves in a straight path, where will the shadow of an object be? Straight across from the light source
Who is correct? Student A: Who says, that shadows are cause by light changing direction to move around an object. Student B: Who says, shadows are made when light is blocked by an object. Student B: Shadows are made by light being blocked
What color T-shirt would keep you the coolest on a warm day? white
What color T-shirt would make you the warmest on a hot day? black
What color T-shirt might you want to wear if you were trying to keep warm on a cold, but sunny day in the winter? Black
What do dark colors do with light? Absorb it and transfer it into heat energy
What do light color do with light? Reflect it and keep you cooler
Absorb means... to soak in
Reflect means... to bounce off
If you wanted to read a book in bed, where would be the best place to put the lamp? Close to the bed, where the light can travel straight to the pages of the book.
What time of day will have the shortest shadow? Noon
What time of day will have the longest shadow? afternoon
What causes the lengths of the shadows made by the sun to change? The position and angle of the sun. From different angles the object will block different amounts of light.
If a tree's shadow was low on the west side of the tree, what time of day would it be? early morning
Created by: hbolles