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Vocab Workshop H7

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 7

abeyance n. a state of being suspended
ambivalent adj. Having opposite and conflicting feelings
beleaguer v. To set apart from all sides
carte blanche n. Full freedom to act at one's own discretion
cataclysm n. A sudden, violent upheaval; A surging flood
debauch v. to corrupt morally
├ęclat n. dazzling acclaim
fastidious adj. overly demanding
gambol v. to jump or skip about playfully
imbue v. To soak thoroughly
inchoate adj. just beginning
lampoon n. a malicious satire v. to satirize
malleable adj. capable of being formed into different shapes
nemesis n. an unbeatable rival
opt v. to make a choice
philistine adj. hostile towards cultural and artistic refinements n. such a person
picaresque adj. involving characteristic rouges or adventurers
queasy adj. nauseated
refractory adj. stubborn
savoir-faire n. the ability to say/do the right thing in any situation
Created by: Bomoono