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MGMT Final

Which group leader activity would most likely ensure that diversity helps rather than hinders a group? Showing how members have a common interest in the group's success
Which of the following is an example provided in the text of an organization specifically marketing toward underrepresented populations? Google ensures that female candidates meet other women during interviews
Diversity management programs should include which populations of people? Everyone
Which of the following is not among the basic physical abilities identified in the chapter? mental fortitude
Which of the following is the intelligence test most widely used in hiring decisions that requires only 12 minutes to complete? Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test
Which of the following is not a dimension of intellectual ability? IQ
__________ is defined as an individual's current capacity to perform the various tasks in a job Ability
Which term refers to a link with the culture of family ancestry or youth that lasts a lifetime, no matter where the individual may live in the world? cultural identity
Which of the following firms currently has pro-tolerance policies and domestic-partner benfits Lockheed Martin
Which of the following is a true statement about laws relating to the discrimination of people for their sexual orientation? Less than half of the 50 states have laws to protect individuals from discrimination based on sexual orientation
Which of the following best defines tenure? the length of time spent in a job, organization, or field
Which government agency is responsible for enforcing employment discrimination laws? EEOC
Most research relating to race and ethnicity has focused on differences in outcomes between whites and African Americans
Research has shown that workers who experience sexual harassment in the workplace experience lower levels of organizational commitment and job satisfaction
Women who succeed in traditionally male domains are typically perceived as less likable, more hostile, and less desirable as supervisors than men
With regards to the problem-solving and learning abilities of men and women, which statement is most likely true? There are no consistent differences between men and women
"The older you get, the more likely you are to leave your job." Is this statement true or false , and why? False. Older people with longer tenure tend to have higher wages, longer paid vacations, and more attractive pensions
Which of the following is not an example of biographical characteristic? Personality
How many cases of employment discriminations are reported in a given year? Tens of Thousands
Which term refers to allowing our behaviors to be influenced by stereotypes about groups of people? Discrimination
Demographics such as age, race, gender, and disability status are primarily recognized as surface-level diversity factors
Which of the following is a major concern that results from the workforce getting older? Increased medical costs
Which of the following populations is expected to represent the largest portion of the U.S. workforce in 2020? The 55 and older are group
Between 1950 and 2010, how did the female portion of the workforce change? It increased from 29.6% to 46.7%
The chapter includes all of the following as characteristics that relate to diversity except health
​Historically, emotions in the workplace were thought to be​ _______________. detrimental
​__________________ is a generic term that covers a broad range of feelings that people experience. Affect
​__________________ are intense feelings directed at someone or something. Emotions
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about emotions and​ moods? Emotions and moods are basically the same construct.
Researchers generally agree on six universal emotions. Which of the following is NOT among the​ six? Rage
When there is zero input​ (meaning that nothing is going​ on), most individuals experience a mildly positive mood. What is this effect​ called? Positivity offset
Individuals in a negative mood are better able to​ _________________ than are those in a positive mood discern truthful information
Studies suggest that moral judgments are based on​ ___________ rather than​ __________. feelings; cognition
​____________ describes the varying levels of strength with which people experience the same emotion. Affect intensity
According to an analysis of Twitter​ messages, when are levels of positive affect the​ lowest? Early morning
Americans tend to experience the highest levels of positive affect during which time of the​ week? Weekend
According to​ research, what is the relationship between weather and​ mood? There is no relationship between weather and mood.
For most​ people, stress has​ _________________ on mood. a negative impact
How do social activities impact​ mood? Positive moods increase with social activities.
How do physical activities and exercise impact​ mood? Positive moods increase slightly
What is the relationship between age and​ emotion? Negative emotions occur less in older people
Women experience emotions more​ intensely, tend to​ "hold onto" emotions​ longer, and display more frequent expressions of both positive and negative emotions. This is true of all emotions EXCEPT​ ________. anger
_______________ is defined as an​ employee's expression of organizationally desired emotions during interpersonal transactions at work. Emotional labor
The disparity that exists when an employee must project one emotion while actually feeling another is called​ _________________. emotional dissonance
Which theory demonstrates that employees react emotionally to things that happen to them at​ work, and this reaction influences their job performance and​ satisfaction? Affective events theory
Which term refers to a​ person's ability to perceive emotions in the self and​ others, understand the meaning of these​ emotions, and regulate​ one's emotions​ accordingly? Emotional intelligence
Emotion regulation is best described as​ _____________________. identifying and modifying the emotions that you feel
​High-scoring emotional intelligence employees outperform​ low-scoring emotional intelligence employees in which of the following​ tasks? Sales
Which of the following is true regarding emotions and decision​ making? Positive emotions enhance​ problem-solving skills.
What is the relationship between mood and​ creativity? Activating moods lead to greater creativity.
Which term refers to the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine their unique adjustments to their​ environment? Personality
Who developed the definition of personality that is commonly used​ today? Gordon Allport
Which of the following is the most common means of measuring​ personality? Self-reporting surveys
Which of the following is the most important determinant of​ personality? Heredity
What is the primary method that researchers use to examine the role of heredity on​ personality? Twin studies
Researchers have found that genetics accounts for about​ ________________ of personality similarities between twins. 50 percent
Which term refers to the characteristics that describe an​ individual's behavior such as​ shy, aggressive, and​ submissive? Personality trait
Which of the following is the most widely used personality assessment in the​ world? Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
According to the​ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator​ (MBTI), which type of people rely on unconscious processes and look at the​ "big picture"? Intuitive
According to the​ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator​ (MBTI), which type of people want control and prefer order and​ structure? Judging
Which of the following best describes an individual with an ENTP​ Myers-Briggs typology? ​Innovative, individualistic,​ versatile, and attracted to entrepreneurial ideas
Which dimension of the Big Five Model is a measure of​ reliability? Conscientiousness
Which dimension of the Big Five Model refers to an​ individual's propensity to defer to​ others? Agreeableness
Which of the Big Five traits is most strongly related to life​ satisfaction, job​ satisfaction, and low stress​ levels? Emotional stability
Which of the following describes a Machiavellian​ individual? Pragmatic, maintains emotional​ distance, and believes ends can justify means.
Which of the following describes a person who has a grandiose sense of​ self-importance, requires excessive​ admiration, has a sense of​ entitlement, and is​ arrogant? Narcissistic
Which of the following describes personality traits as motivators that relate to the degree to which we react to​ stimuli? Approach-avoidance framework
A person who has​ a(n) _____________________ tends to dislike​ themselves, question their​ capabilities, and view themselves as powerless over their environment. low core​ self-evaluation
Which of the following is a true statement about people with proactive​ personalities? They take the initiative to improve their current circumstances or create new ones.
Researchers have analyzed situation strength in all of the following elements EXCEPT​ ______________. controllability
Which theory predicts that some​ situations, events, or interventions​ "activate" a trait more than​ others? Trait activation theory
Which term refers to basic convictions that a specific mode of conduct or​ end-state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or converse mode of conduct or​ end-state of​ existence? Values
When we rank an​ individual's values in order of their​ ___________, we obtain the​ person's value system. intensity
​____________________ values refer to preferable modes of​ behavior, or means of achieving the terminal values. Instrumental
John​ Holland's personality–job fit theory presents six personality types. Which of the following is NOT one of these six​ types? Optimistic
Leadership is best defined as​ ________. the ability to influence a group to achieve a set of goals
According to​ research, all of the following traits are most likely associated with effective leadership EXCEPT high levels of​ ________. assertiveness
What is the primary focus of trait theories of​ leadership? The personal qualities and characteristics that differentiate leaders from nonleaders
Which of the following do trait theories best​ predict? Emergence of leaders
Which theories of leadership imply that we can determine leadership effectiveness by leader​ conduct, and perhaps train people to be​ leaders? Behavioral
Which of the following refers to the extent that leaders are likely to define their roles and those of their subordinates when striving to attain​ goals? Initiating structure
Which term refers to the extent to which a​ person's relationships in the workplace are characterized by mutual trust and​ respect? Consideration
Which term was used by the University of Michigan study when referring to leaders who emphasize interpersonal relationships by taking a personal interest in​ employees' needs and accepting individual differences among​ them? Employee orientation
The Ohio State studies narrowed the independent dimensions of leader behavior to two that substantially accounted for most of the leadership behavior described by​ employees: consideration and​ ________. initiating structure
Which theories of leadership seek to match leadership styles to situations that lead to​ success? Contingency
Contingency theories focus on the​ ________ that impact leadership success. situational variables
What does the least preferred coworker​ (LPC) questionnaire​ measure? Whether a person is​ task-oriented or​ relationship-oriented
Fiedler's contingency leadership model assumes that​ ________. leadership style is essentially fixed
Which of the following theoretical approaches in the study of leadership focuses on​ followers' readiness as a determinant of effective​ leadership? Situational leadership theory
Which of the following theoretical approaches suggests that the​ leader's responsibility is to provide followers with the support they need to achieve their​ goals? Path–goal theory
Which approach suggests that followers tend to give leaders power after observing certain behaviors that they attribute to heroic leadership​ abilities? Charismatic leadership
According to the situational leadership​ theory, if followers are able yet unwilling to do a​ task, then a leader needs to​ ________. engage in participative leadership
Which of the following statements is true with regard to the path–goal theory of​ leadership? The theory considers removing obstacles as a component of effective leadership.
Which of the following is the most passive and least effective of leader​ behaviors? ​Laissez-faire
In terms of the full range of leadership​ models, which leadership behavior represents the most active and effective approach for​ leaders? Idealized influence
Which of the following is a key feature of servant​ leadership? Servant leaders focus on opportunities to help followers grow and develop.
What is the primary quality produced by authentic​ leaders? Trust
Which leader quality most likely causes followers to engage in more organizational citizenship​ behaviors? High level of ethics
Which of the following is NOT a consequence of​ trust? Trust increases employee turnover.
Which of the following is a senior employee who sponsors and supports a​ less-experienced employee? Mentor
Which characteristic of organizational culture relates to the degree to which employees are expected to be​ precise? Attention to detail
Which characteristic of organizational culture relates to how much management focuses on results rather than on the methods used to achieve​ results? Outcome orientation
Which characteristic of organizational culture relates to the degree to which management decisions consider how outcomes impact​ employees? People orientation
Which of the following statements is true regarding an​ organization's culture? A dominant culture expresses the core values shared by a majority of the​ organization's members.
In what type of organizations do subcultures tend to​ develop? Large organizations
Which of the following is a signal of a company having a strong​ culture? Widely shared values
Why is employee turnover reduced in organizations with a strong​ culture? Strong cultures result in loyalty and organizational commitment.
Which of the following is true about the function of cultures in an​ organization? Culture conveys a sense of identity for organization members.
Which organizational trend primarily makes culture more important than ever​ before? Decentralization
Why is it difficult in a virtual organization to create a strong​ culture? Employees of virtual organizations experience little​ face-to-face contact.
Which of the following statements is true regarding the establishment of the organizational culture and its effects on the​ organization? Culture acts as a control mechanism and guides the behavior of employees.
Which term refers to the thoughts that employees have about the work environment and the​ organization? Organizational climate
In what situation can culture be a​ liability? When the shared values​ don't agree with those that further the​ organization's effectiveness
What is the original source of culture in an​ organization? The founders
What is the ultimate goal of the selection​ process? To identify and hire individuals who will perform successfully
Top management has a major impact on the​ organization's culture by​ _______________. establishing norms that filter through the organization
Which of the following terms describes the process of assisting new employees to alter behaviors in order to fit with the corporate​ culture? Socialization
The process of socialization includes three stages. Which of the following is one of these​ stages? Prearrival
During which stage of the socialization process does a candidate recognize that their expectations do not match the realities of an​ organization? Encounter
Which method of learning about an​ organization's culture typically include narratives about reactions to past​ mistakes, reductions in​ workforce, and organizational​ coping? Stories
In terms of an​ organization's culture, the size of executive offices and the types of cars top executives are given are examples of​ ________. symbols
Company chants are an example of which way to teach new employees about organizational​ culture? Rituals
Which of the following is NOT a principle that managers should follow to create an ethical organizational​ culture? Keep unethical acts between the manager and employee
Which of the following is emphasized in a positive organizational​ culture? Individual vitality and growth
Which of the following would LEAST likely help a U.S. manager exhibit cultural​ sensitivity? Avoiding discussions of efficiency
Which of the following is NOT an example of a current change that organizations have to adapt​ to? Decreased organizational diversity
Which force of change has primarily caused many firms to alter their product positioning and production to be more environmentally​ friendly? Social trends
Which force for change relates to the aging​ population? Nature of the workforce
Which force for change relates to how easily strangers meet and share product​ information? Social trends
Many studies have shown that people tend to​ ______________ change. resist
Which term refers to individuals who tailor change to fit the preferences of organizational members in an attempt to reduce​ resistance? Change agent
Which type of resistance to change is easiest for management to​ address? Overt and immediate
Which of the following is primarily an individual source of resistance to​ change? Security
Which of the following is primarily an organizational source of resistance to​ change? Group inertia
Which of the following is NOT a tactic for overcoming resistance to​ change? Laissez faire management style
Which tactic for overcoming resistance to change assumes that the source of resistance is partially due to​ misinformation? Educating employees
Which tactic for overcoming resistance to change emphasizes commitment to the​ organization? Building support for the organization
Which tactic for overcoming resistance to change includes efforts to make sure that people trust the managers who are implementing​ changes? Developing positive relationships
Who developed a​ three-step model to manage organizational change that includes​ unfreezing, movement, and​ refreezing? Kurt Lewin
Who developed an​ eight-step model to manage organizational change that includes forming a coalition with enough power to lead a​ change? John Kotter
What is the final step in​ Kotter's eight-step plan for implementing​ change? Reinforcing changes by showing the link between new behaviors and organizational success
What is the first step in​ Kotter's eight-step plan for implementing​ change? Developing a sense of urgency with strong reasons to make the change
Which methodology of change tries to improve employee​ well-being and organizational effectiveness through a collection of change​ methods? Organizational development
The deemphasizing of control and hierarchical authority in organizational development is referred to as​ ________. power equalization
Which organizational development technique for bringing about change includes an outside consultant to assist an organization with​ perceiving, understanding, and acting upon events that the manager must deal​ with? Process consultation
Which of the following actions most likely decreases employee motivation for risk taking and​ innovation? Rewarding the lack of failure rather than the accomplishment of success
Idea champions display characteristics included in​ ________ leadership. transformational
Which of the following is NOT an effective individual approach to stress​ management? Improving organizational communication
Which of the following is a positive impact from​ stress? Elevated physical performance
Sleep​ disorders, fidgeting, and increased alcohol consumption are​ ________ symptoms related to stress. behavioral
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