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chapter 1

review from final

when are the patients more likely to overcome any radiation phobia and be willing to assume a small risk of possible bio damage? when benefits outweigh the risks
what are consequences of ionization in the human cell? unstable atoms, free electrons, free radicals, and molecules detrimental to cell
What does ALARA stand for? As Low As Reasponably Achievable
3 cardinal rules of radiation protection Shielding ,time ,and distance
when is medical radiation considered unnecessary when the exam does not benefit a person in terms of diagnostic purposes
what is the TRACE program do formulates new policies and procedures to promote safety and implement of patient and community education. technologic enhancements
What is the Bert method used for to ease patients fear of xrays in comparrison to natural radiation
what is orp synonomous with? ALARA
what is a special form of radiation that is capable of creating electrically charged particles by removing orbital electrons from the atom of the material with which it interacts? ionizing
The millisievert (mSv) is equal to _____ of 1 sievert. 1/1000
Created by: jackie.winne