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The earth and rocks.

learn about the world.

What is a mid - ocean ridge? It is an underwater mountain range.
How many planets are there? 8
Define crust. The crust is earths outer skin and consists of solid rock.
How many layers is earth made up of? 4
What is an active volcano? This volcano is still erupting at regular intervals.
What is a dormant volcano? This volcano has been quiet for hundreds of years but may errupt again.
What is an extinct volcano? The volcano has not erupted in record time.
Where does most volcanic activity occur? Plate boundaries.
Most active volcanic zone Pacific ring of fire.
Define tsunami A huge wave caused by an underwater earthquake.
The strength of an earthquake is measured by? A seismograph.
Define lava. Molten magma when it reaches earths surface.
Name three types of rock. Igneous,Sedimentary, Metamorphic.
How do rocks differ? mineral content, Colour Hardness, Texture.
Name a sedimentary rock. Limestone.
Name a metamorphic rock Marble.
Name an Igneous rock Granite. Mourne and Wicklow mountains.
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