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CE Smart


The arrow or little flashing line on your computers that points to things. The mouse moves it. Cursor
The screen where you see words, pictures and videos. Monitor
A small computer that is easy to move and carry. It includes the computer, a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard all in one. Laptop
A world wide system of millions of computers that are connected together in a network. This is what your computer uses to visit web sites. Internet
This group of letters and/or numbers takes your computer to a specific place on the Internet. Internet Address
Uniform Resource Locator. This is just another way to say Internet Address. What is it usually referred to as? URL
A place you visit on the Internet that has information for you to see and read. Web Site
The part of the computer with letter and number keys that you use for typing. Keyboard
A piece of hardware that you use to move the arrow or cursor around the computer screen. Mouse
A name you choose to use for yourself when you log on to a computer or log into a program (e.g. e-mail). This name identifies you without telling strangers your real name. Username
A secret word that only you (and your parents) should know. You use it to log into computers and programs. Password
The devices that are physically connected to your computer. These are devices that can be physically touched. These devices need "software" to make your computer work. Hardware
A collection of instructions (code) that tell the computer what to do. These instructions are called programs. Software
Storage for software instructions. Internal and external locations. Memory
People who write detailed instructions (software programs) so that a computer program can run properly. Programmers
Portable memory card which plugs into a USB port Flash Drive
Work together. Collaboaration
A summary or outline of a class or course Syllabus
"PHIL": keeps promises, honest, loyal, reliable Trustworthy
A system based on two things or parts. Numbers are two unique numbers: 1s and 0s. Binary
Uniform Resource Locator: Internet Address URL
Havning high or special regard for someone. Golden Rule Respect
Accountability (accountable for your actions), persevere, do what you are supposed to do. Responsibility
Recycling of all materials back into nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects human health and the environment. Zero Waste
A chosen profession, an occupation you are trained for. Career
Awareness of things as they really are Realistic
Fact finding, designed to find information. Investigative
Relating to human society and its members. Social
Marked by imaginattion, initiative and readiness to undertake new projects. Enterprising
Normal Conventional
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