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anatomy vocab words

abrasion an open wound, road burn, or rug burn in which the skin has been scraped off
anaphylactic shock a severe, sometimes fatal allergic reaction that causes a sharp drop in blood pressure and breathing difficulties
anatomy the study of the structure of the body
articulation a joint; the point at which two or more bones meet
avulsion a painful, soft tissue injury in which a flap of tissue is torn loose or torn loose or torn off completely
blister a bubble-like collection of fluid beneath or within the epidermis of the skin
bursitis inflammation of a bursa
callus a thickened, usually painless area of skin caused by friction or pressure
cardiac muscle the muscle of the heart, adapted to continued rhythmic contraction
cell the basic unit of life
contusion a soft tissue injury caused by a seepage of blood into tissue; a bruise
crepitus a cracking or grating sound heard upon movement of a damaged bone or joint
dislocation the separation of a joint and malposition of n extremity
ecchymosis ruptured blood vessels in the subcutaneous tissue, noticeable by a purple discoloration of the skin
fracture a crack or break in a bone
hematoma a blood-filled, swollen area; a goose egg mass caused by bleeding under the tissues
incision a clean, straight, knife-like cut
joint laxity joint play; motions occurring between the ends of two or more bones that form a joint as it moves through its ROM
laceration a jagged tear in the flesh
ligament a band of white, fibrous, connective tissue that helps hold bone to bone
myositis ossificans a condition in which bone forms in and replaces muscle tissue as a result of trauma
organ a structure within the body made up of tissues that allow it to perform a particular function
paresthesia an abnormal sensation of the skin such as tingling, numbness, pricklling, or burning with no apparent cause
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