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6th Grade - Canada

Chapter 6 - World Geography

________ is the capital city of Canada. Ottawa
Most of the economy of the ____________ region, located near Newfoundland, is based on fishing. Grand Banks
British Columbia and Ontario are examples of ___________________, similar to states in the USA provinces
Boats traveling between Lakes Erie and Ontario take a man-made route in to get around ________. Niagara Falls
The people of Canada feel a strong connection to the region where they live, known as ________. regionalism
Provinces located on the Atlantic coast are the _______ Provinces because they are on the water Maritime
It is difficult to live in the _______________ due to its rocky terrain, but mining is done there. Canadian Shield
The ____________________ cover much of western Canada, much like the USA. Rocky Mountains
________________ is unique in Canada because the culture of the region is predominantly French. Quebec
In order to make paper, trees must be ground into ____________________. pulp
The ______________________ connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. St. Lawrence River
____________________, located in Ontario, is the largest city in Canada. Toronto
What are the 3 largest countries in the world ranked in order from largest to smallest? Russia, Canada, USA
Much of the west coast of Canada is covered with… mountains
Much of central Canada is covered with… plains
What is the official language of Canada? English and French
Canada’s first step toward independence came when the British Parliament made them a… dominion
Which region of Canada is home to over half of the population and contains many large cities? the Heartland
Which region of Canada contains the prairie provinces and British Columbia? the Western Provinces
Which region of Canada is also called the maritime provinces? the Eastern Provinces
Which region of Canada is made up of only territories, not provinces? the Canadian North
Which industry do most Canadians work in? services
How does Canada’s distance from the Equator affect the climate there? relatively cold all year
Why do Canada and the United States rely on each other for trade? close, NAFTA, need things from each other
Canada’s government is led by an elected ____________________ whose job is similar to the US president. prime minister
Canada’s governing body is called ___________________ and is similar to the US Congress. parliament
Canada can be considered a ___________________________ because the Queen of England has a limited role in their government. constitutional monarchy
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