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ESL vocabulary

ESL Reading Vocabulary

anticipation He looked forward to the party with ________________.
astonishment The look of _____________ on her face made it apparent that she had no idea she would be accepted in to NJHS.
compassion She had the _________________ to offer help when it was needed most like when her mother was sick.
confident The players seem more relaxed and _________________ this season.
conflict A few students are being trained to resolve ________________ between other students.
daring Emergency crews quickly planned a __________ rescue to get the people out of the burning building. ________ to get the people out of the burning building.
defeated She felt _______________ when she found out she didn't get the A on the test.
discouraged We were _______________________ by their lack of enthusiasm.
dissatisfied He was __________________ with his elective for next year.
doubtful They were ____________ about the benefits of the new computer system.
efficient He showed he was an ________ worker by proving to be capable of producing desired results without wasting materials, time, or energy .
feasible She questions the ______________ of the plan because she was not certain if was possible to be done]
generous A ______________ person may give too much help, time, effort, or money.
hesitant She took a _____________step back from the door when she heard the dogs barking.
insecure I feel shy and __________ around strangers.
inspired She gave an _________________ performance at the talent.
resourceful We are ___________ when we use everything we have available to help us do our best.
curiosity As the coordinator I hope to stimulate your _____________ as to what the purpose is as a part of Study Buddies.
triumphant We want every student here to be _________ on the TAKS test.
enthusiasm Your ____________ and complete support will make this a successful program!
confident We are __________ that you will be surprised at how much you teach and learn when working toether.
hostile No one wants to work in a ______ environment.
occupation I have chosen to be a teacher for my ________.
resembles Many people say twins sometimes do not ________ each other
accompany I want each study buddy to __________ each other to the computer lab.
infer You may ___________ the definition of a word from its context clues.
lighthearted Most students prefer to work in a teacher's room that has a ________________ environment.
insincere I felt his apology was __________ as soon as he started laughing.
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