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Lifespan Chap 1-7

Theories of Development, Heredity, Prenatal, Biosocial, Cognitive, Psychosocial

What is the science of human development based on? The collection of empirical data
What does the "chronosystem" refer to? Historical conditions
As we age, losses occur in some domains while gains are made in others. This is consistent with the ____________ nature of development. Multicontextual
The distinctive Characteristic of Development that says change does not always occur in a straight line is: Multicontextual
Taleana's college professor became angry when Taleana called him by his first name. Which characteristic of the study of human development best explains the professor's response? Multicultural
Many health differences once attributed to ethnicity have been found to be due to: SES
People whose ancestors were born in the same region, and who usually shared a language and a religion, are called: An ethnic group
_____________ refers to customs and traditions passed down to the present. Heritage
Mirror neurons in the human brain have been found that reflect: Actions
Cross-sequential research is a combination of what two research techniques? Cross-sectional and longitudinal
Which step of the scientific method involves making a specific prediction? Develop a hypothesis
In a study of the effect of noise on test performance, test performance would be the: Dependent variable
In order to determine what causes a behavior, what research method must be used? Experiment
What is most susceptible to cohort effects? Cross-sectional research
Longitudinal research regarding the effects of daycare on children has found that: Mothers are more influential than the quality and extent of daycare.
In an experiment, tests of significance are used to: indicate whether the results might have occurred by chance.
Compared to qualitative research, quantitative research is more: Factual
The "Mozart effect" is discussed in the text as an example of: the ethics involved in how research findings are presented.
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