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Engineering Final

What is the diagram used to map out all of the equipment in a chemical plant? Process Flow Diagram
Distillation columns, ractors, heat exchangers, condensers, and absorbers are an example of? Unit Operations
What do chemical engineers do? 1) Transport Materials 2) Transform Materials 3) Produce Materials
What is the purpose of a process flow diagram? 1) To give a blueprint of where machines fit into a process 2) Keep track of materals and energy used in a process 3) View the entire flow of a process all at once
What's the main difference between a chemical engineer and chemistry major? Chemistry major does things on a smaller scale.
True/False- Engineers make processes that convert raw materials into more valuable forms True
What is one example of a unit operation? Heat Exchanger/Mixing Processes
What is a process in which there is a constant flow of products moving in and out? Continuous Flow
What is processing in which materials are made in bulk and cannot be moved to the next step until all are done? Batch
What does a chemical engineer do to a product to make it in larger batches? Scales it Up
What does a process flow diagram include? Inputs and Outputs
A programming language id described by both its syntax and semantics. What are semantics? Semantics in the interpretation of the combined symbols of the language.
What best describes the job of a Computer Scientist? Programming a video game & problem solving
What best describes a computer program? A program is a sequence of instructions and decisions that the computer carries out.
What does computer science primarily deal with? Software
What is not a product of Computer Science? Computer Server Room
What is a pushbutton considered as? Digital Input
How many times do loops run? Once
What is the fastest spreading course in the histroy of public education? Computer Science
What is the end goal of Pixar animation? To recreate the scientifically correct 3-D world.
What does Computer Science teach? Problem Solving
What kind of loop is run until the condition is false? While
Using an Arduino, you ______ to/from inputs and ____ to/from outputs? write read
What are some concentrations of Industrial Engineering? Lean Manufacturing Human Computer Interface Building Information Modeling Ergonomics
What word best describes Industrial Engineering? Efficiency
How many Industrial Engineers work at Disney? 60
What is NOT an area of work for Industrial Engineers at Disney? Ride Maintenance
What does ergonomics NOT consider? Sleep habits of workers
What kind of profession is Industrial Engineering? Industrial Engineering is a very diverse profession in which you can work on different projects with very different goals, approaches, and outcomes every day.
What are two places where you expect to attain work as an Industrial Engineer? Disney Theme Parks
What is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment? Ergonomics
What do industrial engineers work to eliminate and reduce? Waste and Machine Setup Time
What is not a primary focus for environmental engineering? Food Quality
What type of energy source is a natural resource that can be replenished by a natural process ? A Renewable Energy Source
Encironmental engineers are concerned with developing engineering systems to? Control or reduce pollution and sustain environments required by people and processes
What is NOT an area of past knowledge used by environmental engineers when developing technological systems to avoid or reduce forms of pollution due to human activities? Cultural
What is NOT one of the four levels in which environmental engineering operates? Protecting cultural resources
The water resource management developed by environmetal engineers address water ____ and wastewater ____ ? The water resource management developed by environmental engineers address water pollution and wastewater management.
The air resource management developed by environmental engineers improve deteriorated air quality such as ? which can prevent seeing long distances clearly, and ? which can be caused by excess carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere Pollution Smog
What method of cleaning up oil spills uses specially designed boats to "scrape" the oil off the surface of the water? Skimming
What is another term for dispersants that are chemical solvants? Surfacants
________________ act like soap to break up large oil slicks into smaller more manageable particles. Dispersants
What are examples of biological, chemical,and physical/mechanical methods of cleaning up oil spills. Oil booms are used trap oil in one place Skimmers are used to"scrape" oil off top of water Absorbants are used to soak up oil Dispersants are used like soap, that break up the oil
Compare and contrast them. These techniques all work, but some more than others. You would have to use a combination of these techniques to fully get all of the oil out.
Is Computer Software an area of Electrical Engineering? No
A circuit is a_______ loop that electrons can travel in. closed
Is analog an electrical quantity? No
What numbers are used in the Binary number system? 0 and 1
When does the void setup() part of the program occur? At the beginning
True or False: If we start by writing HIGH on the pin connected to the LED, that means the LED will turn on. True
What is a micro controller? Small Computer
What are the two input/output pins in the Arduino? Digital and Analog
Biological engineers apply the principles of engineering to what? Living organisms
What is not a common concentration within Biological Engineering? Biopetroleum
What would a biological engineer most likely create? Labaratory grown organs
What is not a noted playground hazard? Child collisions
How old are preschool-age children? 2 to 5 years old
How old are school-age children? 5 to 12 years old
What is it called when anything around the body is called? An Entanglement
What is an use zone? Surface around a piece of equipment that allows safe landing
What are three aproppiate materials for a playground? Sand Woodchips Rubber Mulch
What discipline does the playground project affect? Kinesiology
What is the fall height which a life threating head injury would not be expected to occur? Crucial Fall Height
In an airport you will find conveyors being used to move luggage and, in some cases, ________ People
______ is an industry conveyor systems are commonly used in. Packaging
_______ is a push or pull upon an resulting from the object's interaction with another object and is an integral part of Mechanical Engineering Force
_______ is when engineers work more than 40 hours a week. Overtime
What are some classroom-type materials would you suggest could be used for making a conveyor? Markers, pencils, pens, paper, paper towel roll, tissue box, etc.
__________ patented a conveyor belt ultimately called the Turnover Conveyor Belt System. B.F. Goodrich Company
________ move the conveyed items sideways, which allows them to be moved from one conveyor to another. Belt Diverters
________ lateral frames make working on the conveyor system easy on the operator. Ergonomic
What are some types of conveyors? Roller, belt, chain, chute, and bucket conveyors
According to the project, what would not complete this sentence? "Conveyors may be ______" Wind Powered
What word best describes mechanical engineering? Design
What is not a key focus area of Mechanical Engineering? Fuel Efficiency
Created by: jordynnanyeaa
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