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US destinations

Capital city of Hawaii Hawaii
Capital city of Alaska Juneau
Capital city of Washington Olympia
Capital city of Oregon Salem
Capital city of California Sacramento
Capital of Arizona Phœnix
Capital of Nevada Carson city
Capital of Montana Helena
Capital of Idaho Bosie
Capital of Wyoming Cheyenne
Capital of Colorado Denver
Capital of Utah Salt lake city
Capital of North Dakota Bismark
Capital of South Dakota Pierre
Capital of Nebraska Lincoln
Capital of Kansas Topeka
Capital of Minnesota St. Paul
Capital of Illinois Springfield
Capital of Iowa Des Moines
Capital of Missouri Jefferson City
Capital of Wisconsin Maddison
Capital of Michigan Lansing
Capital of Indiana Indianapolis
Capital of Ohio Columbus
Capital of Maine Augusta
Capital of New Hampshire Concord
Capital of Vermont Montpelier
Capital of Massachusetts Boston
Capital of Rhode Island Providence
Capital New York Albany
Capital of New Jersey Trenton
Capital of Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Capital Maryland Annapolis
Capital of Delaware Dover
Capital of West Virginia Charlston
Capital of Virginia Richmond
Capital of Louisiana Baton rouge
Capital of Arkansas Little rock
Capital of Mississippi Jackson
Capital of Alabama Montgomery
Capital of Georgia Atlanta
Capital of Tennessee Nashville
Capital of Kentucky Frankfort
Capital of North Carolina Raleigh
Capital South Carolina Columbia
Capital Florida Tallahassee
Capital of New Mexico Santa Fe
Capital of Texas Austin
Capital of Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Made up of 50 states in total; 48 on the mainland Hawaii Alaska and one federal United States
Difference between Canada and us need a different passport metric versus imperial system and government
Similarities to Canada language currency Drive on the same side the road and transportation in good condition
Newest of the 50 states (1959) and the only state in the Americas Located almost on the Tropic of Cancer so it's warm all year round Archipelago of each volcanic islands Diverse natural scenery, beaches and cultural attractions Hawaii
What are the six main islands of Hawaii Kaua'i O'ahu Maui Hawai'i Moloka'i Lana'i
Greeting of real flowers put her on the visitors neck is a sign of hospitality love and respect Lei
Traditional Polynesian feast Celebration of food lots of entertainment music hula dancing firewalking basket weaving etc. Luau
The "garden isle" The most northern and all this island wetter and quieter Fantastic beaches Cruise port in Nawiliwili Over 70 Hollywood films have been filmed here Kauai
Launch a lava rock quarrel with hanging ferns and flowers Accessible only by boat Originally the exclusive doesn't loosen your Hawaiian royalty Today you can only view it from an observation deck Fern grotto (Kauai island)
"Grand Canyon of the Pacific" 3000 feet deep Wilderness area was a hiking trails panoramic views and look out points Waimea canyon state park (Kauai island)
Located on the south side of the island by Poipu Area is known for its crashing waves which Erode the lava rock creative openings for water to blast through Spouting horn (Kauai) Legend says that a giant lizard gaurded these waters one day a brave man was chased by the Lizard he went up through the lava hole and the lizard got stuck
Located on the south coast High-end hotels and resorts Quieter beaches Humpback whales and dolphins Poipu
Northwest part of the island Only accessible by hiking helicopter kayak paddle board or boat Na Pali means high cliffs Na Pali coast (Poipu)
The "gathering place" 2/3 of the state of Hawaii Live on this island Location of the state capital Honolulu (cruise port) I look transportation is excellent do not need to rent a car Oahu
World famous vacation destination and surfing spot First hotel Moana Surfrider was built in 1901 Main hotel and gathering place for visitors Waikiki beach (Oahu)
A crater located in an extinct volcano Natural landmark Originally a military base with a look out point 1 Km hike which could be very steep and places Takes approximately 1 1/2 hours round-trip Diamond head (Oahu)
Name for the pearl oysters which were once harvested there Attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 sunk 4 of the US ships USS Arizona Memorial floating memorial over the sunken ship only 75 of the 1177 Creamun survived Pearl harbour (Oahu)
Over 1 million people visit every year daytrip from Honolulu Worlds largest maze pineapple garden maze Pineapple express train learn about the life of James dole and see how the plantation works Dole pineapple plantation (Oahu)
Legendary surfing Mecca Best for experienced surfers with 30ft + waves Wintertime has the best waves North shore (Oahu)
Polynesian themed park and living museum Number 1 attraction in all of Hawaii 8 simulated tropical villages demonstrates different arts and culture from Polynesia IMAX canoe rides authentic luau Polynesian cultural centre (Oahu)
Southeast coast of Oahu Best place on the island for swimming and snorkelling Crystal clear water over 400 species of fish and sea turtles Hanauma bay (Oahu)
Marine mammal park and aquarium Interactive exhibits such as swimming with dolphins sea lions and rays Feed the sea turtles Sea life park (Oahu)
Known as the "valley isle" Second largest island shaped as a silhouette Popular for whale watching surfing windsurfing kite boarding golfing (expensive) Car rentals are necessary as everything is spread out Kahului is the main airport Maui Lahaini is the cruise port and is great for shopping
Popular resort areas: Ka'anapali- golfing Wailea- white sand beaches Kihei- whale watching Maui
Valley with lush rainforest Iao needle is a national landmark as it was the site of a battle between king Kamehameha and the Maui military; good place for hiking The king conquered the islands and brought them together preserving independence Iao valley (Maui)
Crescent shaped partially submerged volcanic crater Good for boating snorkelling and scuba diving Monokini Island (Maui)
Haleakala crater is the largest dormant volcano on earth It has great hiking trails above and in the clouds Kiapahulu has natural pools and waterfalls Haleakala National Park (Maui)
The highway between the town of Hana and the Kahului airport (83km) Takes at least 2 1/2 hours if you don't stop along the way Land bridges switchbacks narrow roads; 46 of 59 bridges are only one lane Hana highway (Maui) One of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world Rain Forests seascapes waterfalls black sand beaches
Known as the "big island" it is the largest of the Hawaiian islands Popular for people with an active lifestyle Location for the ironman world championships Visit coffee plantations (Mona coffee) sugarcane plantation macadamia nut farms Hawaii
Located on the western coast Historically the premier place to lib due to excellent weather Most of the resorts are located here Cruise port Kona (Hawaii)
Located on the eastren coast so it gets more rain More traditional as it is the oldest city in the islands Located aro two volcanoes; one dormant and one active Hilo (Hawaii)
Encompasses two active volcanos; Kilauea and Mauna Loa Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes Mauna Loa is the worlds most massive sea mountain most is underground Unique ecosystem form and grow and the island get larger Hawaii volcanoes national park (unesco) Hawaii
Known as the "friendly isle" Less tourism Can see the lights of Honolulu at night Easiest way is to visit us ferry from Lahaina, Maui Molokai
Known as the "pineapple isle" because of its past as an island wide pineapple plantation (Dole) Most of the island is privately owned (98%) Only two resorts are located on the island Lanai
Largest state in the US (1/5 the size of the continental USA) Was purchased from Russia in 1867 Long coastline on the artic and pacific oceans Bering sea- place to catch Alaskan King Crab Ideal for nature lovers adventure seekers white water rafting Alaska Also good for mountain climbing dog sledding bald eagles
Capital city of Alaska and cruise port You cannot drive to the city as there are no roads Over one million visitors per year during May to September as cruisers Two main itineraries: Inside passage Glacier discovery Juneau Inside passage begins in Vancouver and Seattle and goes through the Alexander archeplelago Inside passage continues on further into mainland area
Bar was built during the gold rush era Oldest man made establishment in Juneau Can see Wyatt Earps gun on display inside Red dog saloon
A glacier located within 20km of Juneau You can walk right up it Mendenhall glacier
Popular cruise port Main economies are tourism and fishing; salmon capital of the world Creek street is a historic area built on stilts; where the brothels were located and where the bootleggers brought their Canadian whiskey Ketchikan
Site of the Alaskan purchase where the transfer of power occurred Still remains its Russian culture Located on an island Cruise port Sitka
Located in the most northern fjord on the inside passage Cruise port Tourism is very important to the town White pass and Yukon route railroad is a popular tourist attraction; scenic heritage railroad from _______ to Whitehorse, YK Skagway
Largest city in Alaska Closest cruise ports are Whittier and seaward Gateway city to the north and inland Alaska Starting location for the Iditarod trail sled dog race in march from ______ to Nome, AK Anchorage
Home to more than 100 birds and mammals Widest variety of animals native to Alaska Also have exocrine species of animals Alaska zoo (anchorage)
Covers more than 6 million acres See Alaskas big five: moose grizzly caribou dall sheep and wolf Location of Mt. Denali largest mountain in North America (formerly Mt. Mckinley) Denali national park
Northernmost point of the USA Important archaeological site and jumping off point for artic expeditions Point barrow
Washington state and Oregon Easily reachable by car from Alberta High season is June to October Ferry service from Vancouver to Seattle, Washington Pacific Northwest
Became a state in 1889, named after George Washington Cascade mountain range cuts the state into two areas West side is wetter with mild temperatures dense evergreen forest and Mt. Rainier, the tallest mountain in the state East side is relatively dry Washington state East side- is known for its wine production; it is second in the US behind California with over 600 wineries Capital city is Olympia
Cruise port Nicknamed the "Emerald city" because it's green year round Surrounded by snow capped mountains Birth place of Jimi Hendrix and grunge music Seattle, Washington
Observation tour located in downtown Seattle Originally built for the 1962 worlds fair Observation deck and rotating restaurant Great views of the Seattle skyline and Mt Rainier Space needle
Public market located on the harbour One of the oldest farmers market in the USA Upper street level has fresh fish mongers produce stands and crafts Pike place market (Seattle)
Giant Ferris wheel built in 2012 Rides takes 12 minutes Seattle great ferris wheel
Originally built for the worlds fair Located at the base of the space needle Park with international fountain arts and entertainment complex Seattle center
Located outside of Seattle in Everett, Washington Factory where the wide body Boeing 747,767,777 and 787 built Offers factory tours along with a flight aviation centre and theatre Boeing plane factory
Active volcano located south of Seattle Popular climbing destination Most known for its deadly eruption in 1980 Mount St. Helens
Ski and snowboard resorts in Washington Crystal mountain- the largest ski area and has access to mt rainier Mount Spokane and mount baker- have good winter resorts
Became a state in 1859 Capital city is Salem; mostly visited for its museum and parks Oregon
Largest city in the state of Oregon One of the vibrant music scenes in the country Most breweries and microbreweries of any city in the world Portland
Approximately one hour from Portland Marks the state line between Oregon and Washington Historic Columbia gorge highway is a scenic highway running through the gorge Location of multnomah falls at 620 feet high Columbia river gorge
Fifth old national park in the USA Located in the collapsed crater of an erupted volcano Revered as a sacred place by local aboriginals Crater national park (Oregon)
The most populated state in the country Nicknamed the "golden state" Birthplace of the film industry State is known to be very dry Capital city is Sacramento California
Located in northern part of California Over 100,000 acres of ancient forest The park protects 45% of remaining groves of redwoods "Avenue of the giants" is a scenic highway that is overshadowed by redwood trees Redwood national park (unesco) California
Wine regions of California Sonoma county and napa valley wine regions are two most famous wine areas in the us Festivals tastings vineyards and tours Great spa destination Naps valley wine train
Spanish influence (st. Francis of assisi) Gateway to the north during the gold rush Major earthquake in 1906 which caused a great fire Cruise port Last permanently operable cable car still in use San Francisco
Located in San Francisco Bay Location of the Alcatraz federal penitentiary for 29 years believed to be escape proof Only the most hardened criminals were kept here; al Capone etc There were never any successful escapes Alcatraz "the rock" Can take a ferry to the island to explore and tour the prison
Oldest Chinatown in North America Authentic food and shopping More visitors than the Golden Gate bridge Chinatown (San Francisco)
Downtown San Francisco Central shopping hotel in theatre district Union Square
The most crooked street in the world One box section with eight hairpin curves Lombard Street (San Francisco)
Affluent neighbourhood with exclusive hotels such as the Fairmont San Francisco Nob Hill
Located on the border between California and Nevada but mostly California Loan for a world-class skiing in the sierra Nevada mountains Popular for summer and winter activities Lake Tahoe
4 million visitors per year mostly in Yosemite Valley Known for its granite cliffs waterfalls in giant sequoia trees (over 3000 yrs old) Hiking rockclimbing and downhill skiing Bracebridge dinner Christmas pageant in the dining room at Yosemite hotel Yosemite national park (UNESCO) California
Historical city located south of San Francisco Cannery row was a historic industrial district which is now the location of Monterey Bay aquarium Pebble Beach golf course court is one of the oldest and most beautiful golf courses Monterey (California)
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