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Conductive Pattern The configuration or design of the conductive material on a base material. Includes traces, lands, vias, planes and passive components.
Conductor A substance that allows the flow of elective current or thermal energy. Typically wires, traces, lands, planes, or plated holes.
Conductor base spacing The spacing between conductor at the plane of the surface of a base material
Plane large area or layers of copper foil connected to the circuit's ground point. Serves as return path for current from components.
Base Material Determines the PCB performance and scope of application EX: FR4, Poly
Button Plating A process of plating only in holes and on pads
Clearance Hole A hole in a conductive pattern that is larger than, and coaxial with a hole in the base material of a printed board.
annular ring portion of conductive material completely surrounding a hole.
array a group of elements or circuits arranged in rows and columns on a base material
aspect ratio the ratio of the length or depth of a hole to its preplated diameter
bareboard an unassembled (unpopulated) printed board
Bare copper copper without any additional surface finish or treatment
base material the insulating material upon which a conductive pattern may be formed
Backdrill a secondary controlled depth drilling operation performed after plating whereby plating is removed from the unused conductive portion of a plated through-hole
blind via a via extending only to one surface of a printed board
buried via a via that does not extend to the surface of a printed board
burr small lumps or masses with an irregular shape
cap lamination a process for making multilayer printed board using one-sided metal clad base material for external layers
Created by: Shirley.Kumar