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Unit 4 Test

Family someone who is a canadian citizen can sponsor their family members. (spouse or children) to come to Canada.
Busniness people who want to invest money or open a business in Canada. They need to have an interview and pass the Points System with a minimum of 35 points to pass.
Independant have no other ties to canada so they need to have an interview and pass the points system with a minimum of 67 points.
Refugee Forced to leave their country for safety and health
Expansion European expansion forced many groups from their ancestors land onto reserves> now called aboriginal community.
Colonialism European colonizers introduced disease which devastated communities as they did not have the immunity to fight off such illness.
Forced Assimilation Many aboriginal people had Christianity forced upon them by Europeans and children were removed from their homes to study and live in christian residential schools
Cultural Diversity The existence of the variety of cultural or ethnic groups within society.
Created by: Marsbar21