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Unit 4 Test

Population Density The number of people per square km. Calculation is Population of area divided by the areas sq/km. Canada is low at 3.7 per sq/km.
Population Distribution Refers to a pattern where people live in an area.(3 types- Dispersed, Clustered, Linear)
Cultural Diversity The existence of the variety of cultural or ethnic groups within society.
Immigrant person who moves to a new country.
Refugees one of the categories of immigrants to Canada.
Emigrate to leave you country or origin to live somewhere else.
Migration the movement of people around the world.
Natural Increase difference between the birth rate and death rate
Demography study of population numbers, distribution, trends and issues.
Population Pyramid Graph showing population stats organized by every 5 years of age and sex.
Expansionary Population Pyramid that is young and growing. It is typically a pyramid shape. Has a larger amount of young aged people meaning its growing. Has high fertility rates and is usually representing developing nations.
Constrictive Population Pyramid that shows more elderly ages and is shrinking. Shaped like a beehive. Tends to have a higher level of social and economic development and there is access to quality education and health care.
Stationary It is typically not growing and is shaped like a rectangle.Has equal percentages. Birth rate is low and has a high quality of life. Represents a developed nation.
Baby Boom Sudden increase in birth rate after ww2
Multiculturalism Policy People are encouraged to retai their cultural heritage as well as being committed to Canadiens. Was intended to create cultural freedom. Create recognition for other cultures
Aboriginal People all indigenous people of Canada
Push Factor A factor that is pushing somebody out of their country. (war, unemployed..etc)
Pull Factor A factor pulling somebody to another country. (job offer, family...etc)
Urbanization the process whereby populations move from rural to urban.
Carrying Capacity number of people who can be supported at a sustainable level in an area with given resources and technology.
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