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The Crucible-Midterm


Social situation Salem in 1692 Salem is deeply divided into factions
Salem's system of government as depicted in The Crucible is a___________. Theocracy
What seems to be the actual cause of Betty's condition? fear, guilt, and the desire to get out of trouble.
How does Parris react to the illness of Betty and Ruth after catching the girls dancing in the woods? He is more concerned with himself than the well-being of his daughter
What does Reverend Parris's reaction to the girls dancing in the woods reveal about him? Reverend Parris is overly concerned with his status in the village.
Why is Mr. Hale summoned? He is educated in the black arts and supposedly has experience in dealing with witchcraft.
Why is a needle found in Abigail's stomach? Abigail arranges it to get Elizabeth Proctor accused of witchcraft.
What does John Proctor think is the motive for most of the witchcraft accusations? He believes it is vengeance.
What does John Proctor mean when he calls the witchcraft trials a "black mischief"? The trials, aimed at getting rid of evil, are themselves evil.
Why does Sarah Good confess to being a witch? She wants to avoid hanging.
Why is it ironic that Rebecca Nurse is charged with witchcraft? She is the most devout woman in Salem
What does Giles Cory claim about Thomas Putnam's accusations of witchcraft? He is motivated by acquisitiveness.
Why is witchcraft suspected when Betty falls ill and swoons (faints)? The girls were seen cavorting in the woods the night before.
What does Proctor's admission of adultery reveal about him? He is an honest person willing to face the consequences of his actions.
Why does Elizabeth Proctor fail to corroborate her husband's admission of adultery? She is trying to protect him.
Why does Hale denounce the court proceedings? He has carefully listened to the defendants and come to believe them.
When Parris tells Danforth of Abigail's disappearance, what seems to be his main concern? Abigail took all his money.
Why does Hale visit the condemned prisoners? He is motivated by guilt for his role in the proceedings.
At first, why does John Proctor agree to confess? He agrees in order to save his life.
What does John Proctor have "no tongue for"? He has "no tongue for" accusing others of witchcraft.
Why does John Proctor retract his confession? He tries to at least save his good name.
Why is Proctor's third child not baptized? He feels Rev. Parris is a hypocrite and only preaches of hell and damnation. He doesn't want his hands laid upon his child.
Why did Tituba confess to meeting with the devil? She was hoping it would spare her life-confess or die
Why could Giles Corey not be condemned a wizard and hanged? He refuses to answer to the charge of practicing witchcraft
How does Elizabeth Proctor condemn herself? She condemns herself by denying her husband's affair/lechery with Abigail
Why was Miller was a target of Senator McCarthy's Communist “witch-hunt”-A.K.A Blacklisting? He was a liberal Jew and an intellectual with ties to Hollywood
The Crucible is a comparison that Arthur Miller developed throughout the course of this literary work to show____ Senator McCarthy's hunt for communists
The Crucible is a historical event, but it has key differences from the real event. What are those differences? A few differences are Abigail's age was changed; there are fewer girls "crying out" accusations ; Some characters were fused together; there were several judges of equal authority involved.
In the script, how does the text in italics help enhance the meaning of the play? The help illustrate the character's emotions
The text in written in italics is the________________ and _____________. stage direction and context (in which the actors’ lines are spoken.)
The Crucible is categorized as what type of play? The crucible is a tragedy, a drama and a morality play
Arthur Miller wrote the play, The Crucible, to draw parallels between the Salem Witch trials and what other historical event? As an extended metaphor or allegory for McCarthyism.
What religious period was The Crucible is set? Puritan
How does the definition of crucible relate to the play? Parris used words such as "burn down" and "boil" in his speeches and preached of hell fire and damnation in his sermons; a melting "brew" the girls danced around in the forest; by using intense pressure, the courts hoped to rid Salem of Satan's work.
What are the major themes found in The Crucible: fear can lead to hysteria
What statements/actions support the theme - Fear and Hysteria: "There is a misty plot afoot so subtle we should be criminal to cling to old respects and ancient friendships.....The Devil is alive in Salem, and we dare not quail to follow wherever the accusing finger points!"
In The Crucible, if you confess to witchcraft, you live. If you do not confess, you will be put to death. This is an example of what type of irony? situational irony
Example of dramatic irony Elizabeth lying in court about John’s affair after he had already confessed.-As the audience, we know he has confessed; however, Elizabeth does not.
Allusions found in The Crucible: "Abigail brings the other girls into court, and where she walks the crowd parts like the sea for Israel."
Dynamic Characters in The Crucible: John Proctor; Reverend Hale; Elizabeth Proctor;
Static Characters in The Crucible Cheever; Betty and the girls; Abigail Williams; Judge Danforth; Reverend Parris; Herrick; Judge Hathorne
Describe the setting of The Crucible: Salem, Massachusetts in the spring of 1692
Example of Dramatic Irony Girls mocking and accusing Mary Warren of sending her spirit out in court.
Example of Dramatic Irony Abigail’s blood-drinking spell to kill Elizabeth Proctor.
Pious Very religious, devout
Hearsay rumor, gossip, recount of a conversation between other people with out proof of what was said beyond what you "heard"
Adultery When married: cheating on a spouse; sleeping with someone outside of marriage; having an affair
Infidelity When married: cheating on a spouse; sleeping with someone outside of marriage; having an affair
Corroborate Confirm a statement; back up/support
Denounce publicly reject or deny
Vengeance the act of getting revenge...payback
Retract take it back; withdrawing a statement
Acquisitiveness excessive interest in acquiring money or material things; greedy
Faction a small group or click, posse, homies; picking sides
Condemned sentence (someone) to a particular punishment, often associated with a death sentence.
Ethos appeal using the source's credibility, the speaker's/author's authority
Logos appeal using the evidence to support a claim (induction and deduction); can also be the facts and statistics used to help support the argument.
Pathos the emotional or motivational appeals; vivid language, emotional language and numerous sensory details
Devout very religious, pious
The Crucible is a historical event, and it shares many similarities to the real event. What are those Similarities? The similarities include the fate of each character is exactly the same; the harsh conditions and punishments the characters experienced.
What are the major themes found in The Crucible: society feels safer when it can clearly identify an enemy on which to assign blame
What are the major themes found in The Crucible: revenge is a motive for action
What are the major themes found in The Crucible: group influence and thinking can lead to the collapse of individual freedom
What are the major themes found in The Crucible: Reputation and integrity
What are the major themes found in The Crucible: Lies and deception
Allusions found in The Crucible: "Pontius Pilate! God will not let you wash your hands of this!"
Allusions found in The Crucible: "I think not, or you should surely know that Cain were an upright man, and yet he did kill Abel."
Allusions found in The Crucible: "Man, remember, until an hour before the devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.”
Allusions found in The Crucible: "Remember what the angel Raphael told the boy Tobias."
Created by: gdaenell
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