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Research Vocabulary

Words to know for research skills class

accurate correct in all details
annotation a critical or explanatory note or body of notes added to a text
authoritative has an expert author who is an “authority” on the subject or comes from a source that is created by an authority
biased a preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment, prejudiced, containing opinion
bibliography a list of the books and other resources used for research
censor to examine (a book, movie, etc.) officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it or the entire book or movie. (censorship is the act of censoring something)
citation a formatted expression of a source used for research including author, title and other important details
credentials proof of qualification for a particular job, including a list of awards received, books published or degrees earned
credible offering reasonable grounds for being believed (believable)
criteria a standard by which a website can be judged or evaluated
current up-to-date or recently updated. Check copyright date
disclaimer a statement that denies something, especially responsibility.
database A library database is an electronic catalog or index, often contains information about published items, sometimes full text (magazines, newspapers, books) and is searchable.
evaluate decide the worth of something after examining it
fee based the user or an entity (company or school) pays to use it
impartial not partial or biased
inquiry examination into facts or principles (like research)
objectivity without bias or prejudice, striving to be impartial and fair
periodical a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals
primary source a document that was written or created at the time period being studied ( an interview, a letter, a diary, a public record)
relevance related to a person's topic or to his research needs
secondary source something that interprets or explains a primary source (textbooks, encyclopedias, newspaper articles, databases)
strategy a careful plan or method
subscription database a research database that is paid for/not free and requires passwords to access it.
truncate to shorten something (like a URL address) by cutting off a part
trustworthy can be relied on to be a valid, accurate source
works cited page a list of research sources, similar to a bibliography, but includes online sources as well as books
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