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psych U7M36

thinking and language

language spoken/written/signed words and the ways we combine them to convey meaning
receptive language the ability to understand what is being said to and about you. develops before productive language
babbling (4mo) infant spontaneously utters sounds
one word/holophrases (1yr) child speaks in single words (sounds carry meanings)
two word/telegraphic speech (2 yrs) chld speaks in 2 word statements using nouns and verbs, like a telegram
according to Chomsky what do all languages share? share the basic elements: nouns verbs, and adjs. all born with a built-in predisposition to learn grammar rules but not a specific language
what are the critical periods of language development? age 2-3: exposure to language starting at this age produces a rush of lang age 7: having no exposure to a language gradually lose ability to become fluent
what areas of the brain are involved in language processing and speech? Broca's area: muscle mvmts in speech (left frontal lobe) Wernicke's area: comprehension and expression (left temporal lobe)
define linguistic determinism whorf's hypothesis that language determines (influences) the way we think
ex of linguistic determinism the same personality tests taken in eng and chinese come out with the same ppl have diff results (eng=mostly +, chinese= +and - balanceout)
productive language ability to speak
Created by: allyson.lee