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psych U7M32

memory storage and retrieval

how is the frontal lobe associated with memory? working memory processing (past experience recall) and visual scene recall
how is the hippocampus associated with memory? STM; Explicit memories of names, images, and events are stored here. Helps remember verbal, visual, and location-wise memory
how is the cerebellum associated with memory? forms and stores implicit memories created by CLASSICAL conditioning (procedural memory)
how is the basil ganglia associated with memory? forms memories for skills that we learn. It receives input from the cortex but doesn't send back info to the cortex for conscious awareness of the learning.
how is the amygdala associated with memory? (must be) activated by stress hormones; initiates memory trace in frontal lobes and basil ganglia to boost activity in the brain's memory areas.
flashbulb memory A clear memory of an episodic event (9/11)
what neurotransmitters are associated with forgetting norepinephrine and seretonin; when a seal slug was conditioned to defend itself against squirts of water, and its neural connections were analyzed seretonin was seen being released.
long-term potentiation increase in firing potentiation after rapid stimulation; strengthens neural pathways; learning
what evidence shows that LTP is a physical basis for memory? When rats had their LTP enhanced, they learned maze with half the usual # of mistakes
recognition identifying items that were previously learned (M.C)
recall retrieving info not in conscious awareness but was learned previously (fill in the blank; no word bank; harder than recognition)
relearning learning something more quickly when you learn it again/at a later time (studying)
what was ebbinghaus's study he read aloud syllables, then tried to recall them. the more he rehearsed, the easier it was to recall the list.
what is priming the unconscious activation of associations we have memorized
context dependent memory improved recall when the circumstances present at encoding and retrieval are the same (when you forget 2do something)
state dependent memory improved recall when we are in the same emotion/state
serial position effect tendency to recall the last items in a list best and the first items best
primacy recalling the earliest items (after a delay from trying to memorize the list)
recency recalling the last items (when there's no break from trying to memorize)
which 2 brain structures are associated with explicit memories? frontal lobe and hippocampus
which 2 brain structures are associated with implicit memories? cerebellum and basil ganglia
significance of ebbinghaus's study distributed practice>>more info goes into LTM; few sec/minute pause until you forget(Additional rehearsal of verbal info increases memory/learning)
how does the significance of priming relate to memory while walking by, if a person saw a poster of a missing child, there would be a primed interpretation of an adult kidnapper
where is the STM located prefrontal and temporal lobes (storage)
where is the LTM located (prefrontal?) cortex/semantic and episodic memory in frontal and temporal lobes
context-dependent (type of retrieval) situation in which the memory was first stored
state-dependent (type of retrieval) same emotional state when the memory was first stored
spacing effect distributing practice over time>>better memory
testing effect more testing of info>>better memory
eidetic memory (photographic memory) sharp and detailed images of something seen; kept in LTM
the diff btwn iconic and eidetic memory iconic=STM, eidetic=LTM
Created by: allyson.lee