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RTH 145

week 5 PP

Leukotriene Modifiers Non-steroidal drugs that have been approved for patients with mild to moderate persistent asthma Not to be used for treatment of acute asthma attacks Improve lung function, reduce symptoms, and the need for Beta Agonist drugs
Leukotriene Modifiers •These chemicals cause swelling in your lungs and tightening of the muscles around your airways, which can result in asthma symptoms
Montelukast (Singulair ®) Used for the prevention of asthma attacks and for long- term treatment of asthma also used to prevent breathing problems during exercise and to control nasal symptoms due to seasonal or year-round allergies. Tablets
Zafirlukast (Accolate ®) Used for the treatment of chronic asthma. •It is effective in preventing exercise-induced asthma and in relieving the symptoms of allergic rhinitis •Starts working only after 3 to 14 days of therapy
Mast Cell Stabilizers Help prevent an asthma attack by inhibiting the degranulation of mast cells and preventing the release of histamine and leukotrienes Recommended for patients with exercise induced asthma (EIA) or exercise induced bronchospasm(EIB)
Cromolyn sodium ( Intal & Aarane) Available in MDI and Nebulizer Used to prevent bronchospasm (wheezing, chest tightness, trouble breathing) caused by exercise, pollutants in the air, or exposure to certain chemicals *Inflammation*
Nedocromil sodium ( Tilade) Inhaler indicated for maintenance therapy in the management of adult and pediatric patients 6 years and older with mild to moderate asthma. *Not indicated for the reversal of acute bronchospasm*
Nicotine Therapy Used to help patients quit smoking or deal with side effects of immediate nicotine withdrawal
Nicotine withdrawal symptoms craving tobacco, nervousness, irritability, headache, weight gain, and difficulty concentrating
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