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Chemical vs Physical

Study tool for chemical and physical changes 2017

What is a chemical change? A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. The change in atomic structure.
What is a physical change? Change in form or appearance but not the chemical composition.
What are indicators of a chemical change? Rusting, burning, unexpected temperature or color change, precipitation, flaming
What's the difference between a physical and chemical change? A physical change is a change in appearance and chemical is change in the chemical composition.
What's a chemical reaction? A process that involves the rearrangement of atomic structure.
What is freezing point? The temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid.
What is boiling point? The temperature at which liquid boils and turns into a vapor.
What is melting point? The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid.
What are examples of a chemical change? Car rusting, candle burning, tree on fire, baking a cake
What are examples of a physical change? Tearing a piece of paper, clay, carving objects
Is butter melting in a pan chemical or physical? Physical, not changing the atomic structure.
Is ice melting chemical or physical? Physical, not changing the atomic structure.
Is a soda can out of the freezer chemical or physical? Chemical, fizzing indicates the release of carbon dioxide, therefore changing the atomic structure of the contents in the can.
What is a famous example of a chemical change? The Statue of Liberty.
What subatomic particle is responsible for a chemical reaction? Electrons, specifically the valence electrons.
What is something famous for its boiling point? Old Faithful, in Yellowstone National Park.
Is extinguishing a fire a chemical change? Yes, it involves a chemical reaction as well. This changes the structure.
What is a mixture? Mixing two substances to form a new one.
Is a mixture a physical change? No, a mixture is a chemical change because it's changing the chemical composition.
Why is a firework going off, a chemical change? Because the colors that explode in the sky are a chemical change in different substances. The chemical change is what forms the colors.
Created by: kjairam075