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Steam 6

Design Process

Inventor Someone who develops a new product, one that has never been invented.
Technology The way people use resources to meet their wants and needs.
Engineering Using technological and scientific knowledge to solve real world problems.
Innovation An improvement made to a product that already exists.
Constraint A limit to the design process. May be things like funding space or materials.
Prototype A full scale working model.
Design Matrix A tool for systematically ranking alternatives according to a set of criteria.
Manufacturing The process of making a raw material into a finished product.
Artifact A human made object
Math The science of patterns and the study of measurement, properties and the relationships of quantities using numbers and symbols.
Engineer Notebook Used to record original ideas and to document the design process.
Isometric This type of drawing shows height, width and depth.
Standard The U.S. system of measurement.
Precision Accurate and precise measuring is needed for engineering parts.
Dimensions applied to drawings to communicate size information.
Design Process Engineers use these steps to solve problems.
Sketching Used to think through a design idea.
Science The study of our natural world through observation, experimentation, and investigation.
Coordinate System A system used in math to map points on an X, Y, axis.
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