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Supply Chain


started as a quality process, switched to a cost reduction LEAN
DMC Direct Manufacture Cost
TLLC Total Lease Landing Cost
TLLC made up of DMC + Transportation +Warehouse labor
Damaged goods go from store TO Reclamation center
Process where store makes money selling damaged goods and gets reduction on price from manufacture Reversed Logistic
a pencil being switched from wood to plastic is an example of LEAN
Church & Dwight took detergent and seen the value was the fragrance so they Reduced inventory which lead to eliminating waste
focus on balancing cost and quality Operations
Down time is an example OF Waste
DMAIC Define,Measure,Analyze,Improve,Control
a database driven quality strategy for improving products and processes DMAIC
Compute percentage of improvement New / current base - new operation / old operation
COGS also equals TLLC
we do not want lowest price, we want lowest cost
Focuses on eliminating defects Six Sigma
Request forms as in Purchase orders equals Money
used to develop the details of a root solution to a problem 5 how’s
used getting to the root cause of a problem 5 why's
a manufacturing strategy where products ordered by customers are produced quickly and are customizable to a certain extent. Ex. caterpillar, electronics Assemble-to-Order (ATO)
items critical to firm's success, we are nice to them Strategic
TLLC is part of Logistic Department
arrangement where a specific quantity of an item is stored at the buyer’s location,item is replaced by the supplier, with the full knowledge and approval of the buyer. Co-Managed Inventory
Co-Managed Inventory can get messy when who gets involved Marketing
practice of business ethics Corporate Social Responsibility program
conflict free minerals Intel's strategy
C&D was the corporate sponsor of the First Earth Day in 1970
we buy at TLLC
sourcing is done by procurement
procurement has 3 parts Purchasing, strategic sourcing, supply relations
get cost reductions, support new products and hold supplier accountable Purchasing
RFI request for info
RFP proposal
RFQ Quote
Bid competitive bidding and looking at prices
Contract specification and price
automobile manufactures use this system because of limited storage JIT
Walmarts Sam Walton famous for ending this system because of poor quality control of inventory VMI
responsible for production and quality Plants
manage inventory while balancing cost and service Log Def
manage production while balancing cost and quality Ops Def
Quality is sometimes sent to VP of Quality
what a customer or consumer is willing to pay value
example of value is glass jar vs. plastic
southwest way of boarding a plane is an example of eliminating downtime
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