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Woods Runner

6th Grade Literature

militia a group of trained citizens who are not soldiers, but can serve as members of the military in an emergency
marauding going about in search of things to steal or people to attack
stealth secretive, sneakiness
velocity speed
mercenary doing military service for pay alone in a foreign army
staunch to cause a liquid to stop flowing; or loyal
chopstick a decorated stick recording coups attained by the warrior; a stick with which some North American Indian warriors sought to touch their enemies in battle as a sign of courage
gangrene death or rotting of a part of a living organism caused by faulty circulation, disease, or injury
fractious headstrong and hard to discipline; unruly
abate to become less in amount or intensity
confiscate to take by the power of authority
traumatize to injure or wound physically
contraband goods banned by law from being imported or exported
covert a hiding place or covered shelter, esp. a thicket or other natural place for wildlife; concealed
hone sharpen (a knife, razor, or the like)
enterprise a plan or project that is risky, bold, or difficult to carry out
interminable endless
placate to calm down and make less angry
ambuscade an attack from a hidden position; ambush
Created by: jharvey09
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