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PSY3331 ch7 rev que

Which of the following conclusions is the most consistent with research on the heritability of attitudes? We often inherit a temperament or personality that renders us likely to develop similar attitudes to those held by our genetic relatives.
People's emotional reaction to a target is referred to as the _________ component of attitudes. Affective
Which component of an attitude is most related to the process of examining facts and weighing the objectives merits of a target? Cognitive
Adults' tendency to experience happy, nostalgia-filled feelings when they hear the music of an ice cream truck can be best explained by the relationship of attitudes to operant conditioning
Newman is currently overweight, but as a child he was quite thing. His current explicit attitude toward the overweight is likely to be more _______ and his current implicit attitude toward the overweight is likely to be more __________ positive; negative
The major finding of LaPiere's (1934) classic stud on the attitudes and behavior involving prejudice and hotel/restaurant owners is that people's attitudes are not always reliable predictors of their behaviors
One way to change someone's attitude is to get the person to gives speech arguing against his or her actual viewpoint. This strategy can lead to attitude change through cognitive dissonance as long as _______ is/are present insufficient justification for making the speech
Which of the following is not one of the three factors considered by the Yale Attitude Change approach? Fear
A debate breaks out at a town hall meeting over whether local real estate tax should be raised to pay for new public school . Which individual is most likely to process the persuasive info raised during this debate thru the peripheral route? Gob, who has no school-aged children of his own and owns no real estate
The physical attractiveness of the source of a persuasive communication would be best described as which of the following? Peripheral cue
Fear-arousing persuasive communication is most likely to be effective when a plan for reducing the fear is provided
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