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CNS Drug List A

Imuran (R) azathioprine Dx: Myasthenia Gravis TC: Autoimmune
Mestinon (R) pyridostigmine Dx: Myasthenia Gravis TC: Myasthenia Gravis Agent
Cymbalta (R) duloxetine Dx: Polyneuropathy TC: Selective Serotonin & Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor (SSNRI)
Neurontin (R) gabapentin Dx: Polyneuropathy TC: Anticonvulsant
Zastrix (R) capsaicin cream Dx: Polyneuropathy TC: Analgesic
Tegretol (R) carbamazepine Dx: Epilepsy TC: Anticonvulsant
Dilantin (R) / Pheytek (R) phenytoin Dx; Epilepsy TC: Anticonvulsant
Zarontin (R) ethosuximide Dx: Epilepsy TC: Anticonvulsant
Valium (R) / Distat Rectal Gel (R) C-IV diazepam C-IV Dx: Epilepsy TC: Antianxiety / BZD
Sinemet (R) levodopa / carbidopa Dx: Parkinson's Disease TC: AntiParkinsonian
Mirapex (R) pramipexole Dx: Parkinson's Disease AntiParkinsonian
Neupro (R) rotigotine Dx: Parkinson's Disease TC: AntiParkinsonian / Dopamine Agonist
Cogentin (R) benxtropine Dx: Parkinson's Disease TC: AntiParkinsonian / Anticholinergic
Avonex (R) interferon beta -1 Dx: Multiple Sclerosis TC: Immunological Agent
Rebif (R) interferon beta -1 Dx: Multiple Sclerosis TC: Immunological Agent
Betaseron (R) interferon beta-1 Dx: Multiple Sclerosis TC: Immunological Agent
Copaxone (R) glatiramer Dx: Multiple Sclerosis TC: Immunostimulating Agent
Ampyra (R) dalfampridine Dx: Multiple Sclerosis TC: Central Nervous System Agent
Imitrex (R) sumatriptan Dx: Migraine TC: Antimigraine
Relpax (R) eletriptan Dx: Migraine TC: Antimigraine
Zoloft (R) setraline Dx: Depression TC: Antidepressant
Effexor (R) venlafaxine Dx: Depression TC: SNRI
Elavil (R) amitriptyline Dx: Depression TC: Antidepressant
Wellbutrin (R) brupropion Dx: Depression TC: Antidepressant
Eskalith (R) lithium Dx: Bipolar TC: Nutriceutical
Haldol (R) haloperidol Dx: Bipolar TC: Antipsychotic
Clozaril (R) / Fazado (R) clozapine Dx: Schizophrenia TC: Antipsychotic
Zyrexa (R) olanzapine Dx: Schizophrenia TC: Antipsychotic
Resperdal (R) resperidone Dx: Schizophrenia TC: Antipsychotic
Abilify (R) aripiprazole Dx: Schizophrenia TC: Antipsychotic / Neuroleptic
Geodon (R) ziprasidone Dx: Schizophrenia TC: Antipsychotic
Restoril (R) temazepam C-IV Dx: Insomnia TC: Hypnotic / BZD
Lunesta (R) eszopiclone C-IV Dx: Insomnia TC: Nonbarbiturate Hypnotic
Ambien (R) zolpidem C-IV Dx: Insomnia TC: Nonbarniturate Hypnotic / Sedative
Ritalin (R) / Concerta (R) methylphenidate C-II Dx: ADHD TC: CNS Stimulant
Aricept (R) donepezil Dx: Alzheimer's Disease TC: CNS Agent / Cholinesterase Inhibitor
Namenda (R) memantine Dx: Alzheimer's Disease TC: CNS Agent
Klonopin (R) clonazepam Dx: Anxiety / Seizures TC: Anxiety / BZD
Zanaflex (R) tizanidine Dx: Muscle Spasms TC: Muscle Relaxant
Created by: JLonneville