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Chapter 2

List four things that are included in culture. language, religion, food, clothing
What does immigrated mean? left one country to live in another
What is a rural community? small towns and countryside
What is a suburban community? towns or small cities near a large city
What is an urban community? areas in large cities
What are two ways in which the population of the United States has changed since the United States became a country? In the beginning most people lived in rural areas and then when more manufacturing started many people moved to urban areas . Now many people have moved from urban areas to live in suburban areas
What is a constitution? a written plan for government
What is majority rule? a way of deciding something in which whoever or whatever gets the most votes wins
What are three rights that all citizens of the United States have? All citizens have the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion, right to petition, right to trial by jury and to vote.
Why is voting so important in a democracy? In a democracy, the people elect their leaders by voting. When people vote they are using their power to govern themselves.
Why does the government collect taxes? to pay for the cost of running the government
What are the main activities that make up an economy? producing, selling and buying
What is a free market economy? an economy in which people can start almost any kind of business and run it however they choose
What is the difference between supply and demand? Supply is the amount of a product or service that is available. Demand is the amount of a product or service that people want and are willing to pay for.
How has the main economic activity of the United States changed over time? In the past, the main economic activity was agriculture. Later, it became manufacturing. Today, it is service industries.
4 out of 5 workers are part of what industry today? service
What is opportunity cost? when you choose between 2 things it is the thing you gave up or did not buy
Who leads the Executive Branch? The President
Who leads the Judicial Branch? The Supreme Court
Who leads the Legislative Branch? Congress: Senate and House of Representatives
What is the job of the Executive Branch? See that the laws are carried out
What is the job of the Judicial Branch? Decide if the laws follow the Constitution
What is the job of the Legislative Branch? Make the laws