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Module 53 & 54

Psychotherapy & Biomedical Therapy

The treatment of depression with ECT and SSRIs best illustrates what form of therapy? biomedical
Antidepressant drugs have been found to be less effective than originally thought in large part because patient improvement often results from both __________ and _______________. spontaneous recovery; the placebo effect
What is psychotherapy? an interaction between a trained therapist and someone who suffers from psychological difficulties or wants to achieve personal growth
What is regression toward the mean? the tendency for extreme or unusual events (or emotions) to return toward their average state
What is meta-analysis? a procedure for statistically combining the results of many different research studies
What is evidence-based practice? clinical decision making that integrates the best available research with clinical expertise and patient characteristics and preferences
What is a therapeutic alliance? the bond of trust that develops between a therapist and client working together to overcome the client's problem
What is biomedical therapy the use of prescribed medications or medical procedures
What is psychopharmacology? the study of the effects of drugs on mind and behavior
What are antipsychotic drugs? used to treat schizophrenia and other severe thought disorders
What are antianxiety drugs? they help control anxiety and agitation by depressing activity in the central nervous system
What are antidepressant drugs? they treat depression and some anxiety disorders by altering the availability of various neurotransmitters
What is electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)? a biomedical therapy often used to treat severe depression, a brief electric shock is passed through the brain of an anesthetized patient
What is repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)? the delivery of repeated pulses of magnetic energy to stimulate or suppress brain activity
What is psychosurgery? a biomedical therapy that attempts to change behavior by removing or destroying brain tissue - not used since drugs became more popular in 1950
What is a lobotomy? a form of psychosurgery in which the nerves linking the emotion centers of the brain to the frontal lobes are severed - not used anymore.
What is resilience? a person's ability to cope with stress and recover from adversity and even trauma
Your best friend Adam wants to know which type of therapy works best. What should you tell him? no one type of therapy is consistently the most successful
Before 1950, the main mental health providers were what? psychiatrists
A person can derive benefits from psychotherapy simply by believing in it. What does this illustrate? the placebo effect
Light exposure therapy has proven useful as a form of treatment for people suffering from what? seasonal affective disorder
Who started the debate over the effectiveness of psychotherapy? Hans Eysenck
How do antipsychotic drugs produce their effects? by blocking the receptor sites for dopamine
How are antidepressant drugs believed to work? by affecting serotonin or norepinephrine
Linda's doctor prescribes medication that blocks the activity of dopamine in her nervous system. Evidently, Linda is being treated with an _______ drug. antipsychotic
A psychiatrist has diagnosed a patient as having bipolar disorder. It is likely that she will prescribe what? lithium
Electroconvulsive therapy is most useful in the treatment of what? depression
What is Xanax? an antianxiety drug
What is the double-blind technique? an experimental procedure in which both the patient and staff are unaware of a patient's treatment condition