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Stack #26453

High Volt E Stim

HVPGS High Volt Pulsed Galvanic Stimulation
What type of wave form is high volt? Twin Peak Waveform
Is twin peak a biphasic or monophasic waveform? monophasic
What is the fixed duration for high volt? 200 microseconds
What is the voltage for high volt? >100 volts, usually from 100-500 volts
Is high volt estim comfortable? Yes high volt is very comfortable.
By _____the pulse duration and increaseing the _______ the deeper tissues get stimulated with out damage. By decreasing the pulse duration and by increaseing the voltage, the deeper tissues get stimulated with out tissue damage.
Describe the pulse duration for high volt estim. the pulse duration is so short that no axons are stimulated. Therefore no contraction is caused.
Describe the twin peaks of hiugh volt estim.... monopolar or monophasic twin peaks.
True or false.. HIgh volt frequency is waveforms per second and always described in hertz. TRUE
How many electrodes does high volt use? three--- 2 active and 1 large dispersive
What does pulsed rate control mean? how many twin peaks that you have going in the body. Usuall between 2-100hz for high volt.
What is polarity switch? it will ether be negative or positive and refers to the active electrode.
What does negative polarity do? softens tissue & is germicidal- kills bacteria
What does positive polarity do? Hardens tissues/healing wound get to close skin
Do you use positive or negative high volt for edema in the ankle? use the negative polarity to soften the skin and help remove the fluids from the area.
What is high volt mostly used for? wound healing
Why is high volt good for wound healing? Because it is selective. whirlpool and pulsed lavage are nonselective tools for wound healing .
Which electrode polarity kills bacteria? the negative polarity kills bacteria.
Can you place the electrode on top of the wound? Yes & No You can place them on top of the wound only after you place a very wet sterile gauze ofver the wound first.
Where does the dispersive electrode go for high volt? any where else on the body...it is very large so might need to go on the back or belly.
What do you want to do before you close up the wound with the high volt machine? you want to make sure that you have killed all of the bacteria first.
What is the treatment time for high volt? usually between 20-60 minutes.
To use high volt you need ______ _______ of the wound. Good Documentation color, size, smell in order to justify and document progress.
After a wound is bacteria free what do you do? Do another 3 more treatments with the negative polarity to make sure and then get another bacteria culture to make sure still gone. Then switch over to + polarity and start to close the wound.
What type of polarity helps close the wound? + polarity
Where do you place the electrodes when you want to close up the wound? Place the electrode on the wet gauze at the edges of the wound so the healing can start around the edges and then close in.
Should the patient feel anything with high volt? No they probably will not feel any thing because the nerve endings are so far gone.
Do you have to stay with the patient the whole time with high volt? no you don't need to stay with them.
What are the contrindications for high volt? pacemaker, cardiac problems, over metal, pregnancy, want to get pregnant, over eyes, heart ect... PVD, cancer
Created by: JamieLynn