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Chest & Abdomen

Chest & Abdomen positioning

For a Lateral Chest, where is the Central Ray? CR is perpendicular to Midsagittal Plane, at level of T-7
What are the structures shown for Lateral Chest? Entire Lung field: (Left lat shows left lung & heart) (right lat shows right lung) superimposition of ribs behind spine, superimposition of costophrenic angles
Why is it important for the pt to have the hands pronated and on hips, and to roll the shoulders forward, when preforming a PA Chest? These help to remove the scapulae from the lung fields.
What are the breathing instructions when doing a CXR? (Chest X-Ray) Have patient take in a deep breath and then let it out, then take one more deep breath in and hold it.
Why are all Chest X-Rays preformed at 72"? This decreases magnification and produces better detail.
What views are done in an Abdominal Series? AP Abdomen, AP Upright Abdomen, Chest X-Ray
When would an AP chest X-Ray be preformed? When the Patient is too ill to be moved PA.
When doing a PA Oblique (RAO, LAO), where is the Side of Interest in relation to the IR? Side of Interest is farther from the IR
What are the Structures shown in an AP Axial (Lordotic position)(Lindblom method) Chest? Clavicles lie superior to Apices, Ribs are distorted. No rotation of chest.
Which Abdominal Projection will BEST Demonstrate an Aortic Aneurysm? Lateral Projection.
What is the difference between the structures shown in an AP Chest, versus a PA Chest? In an AP, the heart is magnified, and the clavicles look more horizontal.
What are the Structures Shown in an AP (supine) Abdomen (K.U.B.)? Structures are: Pubic Symphysis to Upper Abdomen, Sides of Abdomen, No Rotation, and you may see the diaphram and organs.
Why are Abdomen views preformed on the Expiration? To avoid compression of organs by the diaphragm; when you exhale, the diaphragm rises, so its not sitting on the organs.
What are the Changing Instructions for Pt when doing a Chest X-Ray? Remove everything from the waist up, including bra, any jewelry, and dangling earrings; put on gown, and tie in the back.
How do you position pt for PA Oblique, RAO? -IR is 1.5-2" above vertebral prominens; Rotate pt 45) so their right side touches the IR; Place right hand on hip, Left hand/arm is by shoulder height, resting on top of the bucky; shield and suspend respiration.
How do you position Patient for PA Oblique, LAO? Same as RAO, EXCEPT done with left side/ vice versa: (pt is rotated 45º, left side touches IR; Left hand goes on Hip, Right is up.)
When would you rotate a pt a 55-60º when preforming an PA Oblique? when you are preforming a LAO for a Cardiac Studies (Examination of heart and great vessels).
Where is the Central Ray for PA Oblique (RAO & LAO)? CR is perpendicular to center of IR, at level of T-7. And the CR comes over the Elevated Side.
What are the structures shown in a PA Oblique (RAO & LAO)? Both lungs visualized in both views, but: RAO= Left Lung maximized, right lung foreshortened. LAO= Right Lung maximized, left lung foreshortened. (and spine is"in" left lung). Also see Heart and Mediastinal structures w/in lung field.
When doing an AP Oblique (RPO, LPO), where is the Side of Interest in relation to the IR? The Side of Interest is closer to the IR.
How do you position patient for an AP Oblique (RPO, LPO)? Rotate pt 45º toward the correct side; Center IR ~2" above vertebral prominens; The arm closest to IR is raised, the other arm/hand is on hip; Sheild and Suspend breathing after 2nd deep breath in.
Where is the CR located for AP Oblique (RPO, LPO)? CR is perpendicular to center of IR at the level of T-7/ 3" below jugular notch; CR comes down over elevated side.
What are the structures shown for an AP Oblique, (RPO, LPO) Projection? LPO= Left lung maximized, Right lung is foreshortened. RPO= Right lung maximized, Left lung is foreshortened. ***AP Oblique is similar to the corresponding PA Oblique, meaning, RAO=LPO and LAO=RPO***
Why is Barium sometimes used in Chest Radiography? Barium is used in Cardiac Studies, to outline the esophagus with bruin to better demonstrate the heart.
Which lung is Longer? Left lung
How many lobes does each lung have? Right lung has 3 lobes. Left lung has 2 lobes.
What are the 4 most common types of Body Habitus 1. Sthenic: Average build. 2. Hypersthenic: Larger than average Build, broader. 3. Hyposthenic: smaller than average build, slender. 4. Asthenic: Very slender build, very petite/tiny.
Which AP oblique projection produces an image similar to that produced by the PA oblique projection, RAO position? AP Oblique, LPO
Which PA oblique projection produces an image similar to that produced by the AP oblique projection, RPO position? PA Oblique, LAO
What are Breathing Instructions for Abdominal X-Rays?
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