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Basic Concepts of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the science that deals with the study therapeutic agents
Pharmacodynamics study of the action of drugs on living tissue
Pharmacokinetics study of the process of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion
Pharmacotherapeutics study of the use of drugs in the treatment of disease
Pharmacy science of preparing and dispensing medication
Posology study of the amount of drug required to produce therapeutic effects
Toxicology study of the harmful effects of drugs on living tissue
Toxic Effects Implies drug poisoning - can be extremely harmful and must be stopped
Therapeutic Effect The intended effect
Side Effects Undesired effect or can be a secondary indication
Adverse Effects May effect function of vital organs with prolonged use
Drug Source Natural Sources such as plants
Drug Any substance that can cause a change in function when administered to a living organism
Prescription Written record of physician's order
Prescription label Translated from original prescription and changed so understandable by the patient
bid twice a day
q 3 h every 3 hours
hs at bedtime
ac before meals
qd every day
prn as needed
od right eye
os left eye
ou both eyes
gtt drop
qid four times a day
qod every other day
tid three times a day
ad right ear
as left ear
au both ears
Subcutaneous injection into the fatty layer
Intramuscular Injection into the belly of a large muscle
Parenteral Any route other than oral
List fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K
List water soluble vitamins B and C
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