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Night (Pg. 46-84)

Who is Juliek? Man from Poland, who warns Elie and his father about Idek's rage.
Who is Idek? The evil Kapo. Beats Ellie and his father for no reason.
What happens to Elie when he see's Idek fooling around with a girl? Elie is forced to lie on a crate and is whipped 25 times.
Who is Franek? Warehouse foreman, who demands Elie's gold tooth and beats Elie's father in order to get it.
Who is Louis? A well known violinist.
Where do Elie and his father work at Buna? In an electrical parts warehouse.
Who are Yossi and Tibi? Brothers who became friends with Elie. Their parents, like Elie's, refused to leave when they should have.
Who is Akiba Drumer? Followed the Kabbalah and analyzed numbers. Lost his faith and died in a selection.
What happened when American planes bombed the camp? A prisoner tried eating soup from the soup cauldrons, but was shot. The other prisoners just watched.
What is Rosh Hashanah? Jewish New Year
What is Yom Kippur? The Day of Atonement- time to fast.
What does Elie do during Yom Kippur? He does not fast and continues to eat.
What happens during the selection at Buna? Elie's father is selected, so he gave Elie his knife and spoon. His father passed the second selection.
Why does Elie go to the infirmary (hospital)? His foot is swollen.
What does the prisoner say to Elie when he is in the infirmary? He has "more faith in Hitler than anyone else." All of the terrible things Hitler has said would happen have happened.
What is an example of irony during the evacuation from Buna? Elie found out that those who stayed in the infirmary were liberated only 2 days after they began their death march.
Who is Dr. Mengele? Nazi doctor who is in charge of the selections.
What choice do Elie and his father make before the evacuation from Buna? They choose to to leave on the death march instead of staying in the infirmary.
Why do you think Elie and his father chose to take part in the evacuation rather than stay in the infirmary? Might have thought that those who stayed in the infirmary would be sent to the crematorium.
Why was the small child hung during the second hanging? the boy helped the Dutch Oberkapo, who was found guilty of sabotage against the SS.
What did the soup taste like after the small child was hung during the second hanging? soup tasted like corpses.
Why was the strong boy hung during the first hanging? He was accused of stealing during the air raid.
What did the strong boy yell before he was hung during the first hanging? "My curse on Germany!"
What did the soup taste like after the strong boy was hung during the first hanging? "The soup tasted better than ever."
Created by: mathiasenj
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