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Night (Pg. 3-45)

Night Test

Who is the author of Night? Elie Wiesel
Where is Elie from? Sighet, Hungary
How many brothers and sisters did Elie have? 3 sisters
What is the Kaddish? Jewish prayer for the dead.
Who were the Kapos? Jews chosen to lead the other Jewish prisoners.
What was the ghetto? Blocked off portions of Sighet where Jews were forced to live.
Give an example of foreshadowing from the book. Madame Schocter's screams of fire while in the boxcar.
Give an example of a metaphor from the book.
What is Kabbala Jewish mysticism
What is irony? Expecting something and the opposite occurs.
Give an example of irony from the book. When arriving at Auschwitz, Elie's father says that Elie should have gone with his mother, but if he had, he would have died.
Who is Moishe the Beadle? Teaches Elie the Kabbala and survived a mass shooting and came back to warn the Jews in Sighet , but no one listened.
Who is Madame Schocter? Woman who screams about seeing fire on the train on their way to Auschwitz.
How many people were there in the boxcar? 80
When was Elie deported to Birkenau? Spring 1944
What time period does the book cover? 1941-1944
What is Birkenau? The arrival spot at Auchwitz Death Camp, with gas chambers and crematorium.
What happen's to Elie's mother and sister at Birkenau? Sent to the gas chambers.
Who is Stein? Relative of Elie's who wants news of his family in hiding. Elie lied to him by saying his family is well.
What is Buna? Work camp part of Auschwitz.
Created by: mathiasenj
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